Suu-16 A Gun


Phalanx Gun BarrelM61a1 Gun Ground FiringPhalanx Machine Gun
SUU-16/A Gun Pod

Phalanx the gun after the burst. Hold-back automatic clearing takes place after each burst.

The "Vul-Pod" was provided to the U.S. Air Force and designated the SUU-16/A Gun Pod. The U.S. Army designation was XM12. Both pods are alike and started in production at General Electric in 1965.

The Vul-Pod contains the Vulcan M61A1 20mm Gun and a Linkless Feed System, Single-Ended.

The Vul-Pod is an externally stored weapon system for use by high performance aircraft engaged in air to ground missions. The pod features a sclf-contained, ram air-turbine drive system which operates its Vulcan gun at 6000 spm throughout a wide range of aircraft speeds.

Two or more Vul-Pods can be carried bv an

aircraft, allowing more projectiles on target when fired together, or a longer firing time if fired separately.

The Linkless Feed System is similar to that used on the F-105D except it is single-ended. This system delivers ammo to the gun as on the F-105L). The gun fires but ejects the spent cases and duds overboard

Suu Gun Pod

SUU-16/A Gun Pod

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