Both S and W and Ruger Cont

Revolver Ruger Calib Especial

2 Check for binding action between cylinder and breech. If cylinder is touching breech, It indicates too much cylinder end shake or Improper yoke crane allnement. 4 Check for yoke crane end shake or mlsallned yoke crane. 5 Check trigger lever (S and W) for burrs. If trigger lever is burred, remove burrs. 6 Check size of trigger lever (3fand W). If trigger lever is wrong size, replace it (p 6-43). 1 Push extractor elector rod (1) to the rear. Rod should move smoothly and return to its original...

Maintenance Of Receiver Assembly

Loaded Revolver

This task covers disassembly, repair, and reassembly. Organizational maintenance is limited to functions In the Maintenance Allocation Chart in appendix B. Screw (1) (S and W) is removed and installed from opposite slde hown in illustration. 2 Removegrlps (2*and 3) from frame assembly (4). Replace grips that have cracks, deep gouges, or any defects that wiH affect serviceability. Replace grips on which checkering Is worn smooth. Smal cracks or chips not affecting strength or retention of grip...

Appendix F Illustrated List Of Manufactured Items

Tool Steel Heat Treat Chart

This appendix Includes complete instructions for making items authorized to be manufactured or fabricated at direct and general support maintenance. b. An alphabetical index is provided for the items to be fabricated cross-referenced to the figure number which covers fabrication criteria. c. Bulk materials needed for fabrication of special tools are listed by NSN on each individual figure in this appendix. 1. GAGE. FIRING PIN PROTUSION F-1 2. GAGE, CYLINDER REAR F-2 3. GAGE, CYLINDER...

BothS and W and Ruger

Barrel Bushing Replacement

1 Check frame for carbon deposits or corrosion. Light corrosion may be removed using abrasive cloth. 2 Check for stripped screw threads and out-of-round holes In frame. Replace revolver if hotee or screw threads are damaged. ' 3 Retouch sWny surfaces with solid film lubricant. 4 Check for cracks where barrel screws into frame. If any cracks are found, replace revolver. 8-17. MAINTENANCE OF FRAME ASSEMBLY CONT . 1 Install firing pin 1 , compression spring 2 , and firing pin guide 3 in frame 4 ....

Maintenance Of Revolver Assembly Cont

Revolver Retaining Screw

6 Slowly raise revolver until fixture and weights are suspended. Hammer 2 shall move back slowly to the cocked position, then release and snap forward quickly. If hammer 2 does not meet these requirements, repairs are required. Repair receiver assembly p 6-23 , hammer assembly p 6-40 , or trigger assembly p 6-45 and retest revolver after repairs. Final inspection should be done after all maintenance actions. This inspection insures revolvers are serviceable when returned to user or stock. Both...


Picture Handgun Parts Names

1 Place compression spring 1 In cylinder stop 2 . Depress spring and Install cylinder stop on frame assembly 3 . 1 Install cartridge cylinder latch 1 assembly 2 . 1 Install cartridge cylinder latch 1 assembly 2 . 2 Install trigger assembly 4 on mou ntlng stud 5 by moving hand trigger 6 to the rear and pivoting trigger lever 7 up. 2 Install cylinder assembly 3 In frame assembly 2 . 4 Hook front of trigger guard on trigger assembly 4 into recess of frame assembly 2 . 5 Check to be sure transfer...

Section I Technical Principles Of Operation

Pawl Latch Release

S AND W AND RUGER .3 CAL SPECIAL REVOLVERS. In firing single or doubt acffcn Ruger , the trigger must remain back while the hammer falls so the transfer bar remains In position between the hammer and firing pin. If the trigger is released between the time the hammer falls and the time It approaches the ring pin, the transfer bar will lower and prevent the hammer from striking the firing pin. In firing the S and W, the hammer block is lowered by the rebound slide onfy when trigger is...

S and W Cont

Victory Model Crane Assembly

5 Slide yoke assembly 10 in cartridge cylinder 2 . 3 If you have a long ejector revolver, Insert ejector cap 6 In cartridge cylinder. If you have a short ejector revolver, insert flat washer 7 . 4 Insert crane 8 , headed pin 9 , and compression spring 10 In cartridge cylinder 2 . If you have a long ejector revolver, insert ejector spring 11 . 5 Insert ejector rod 12 Into cartridge ejector 3 and tighten. 6 Insert spring 13 and headless pin 14 In crane 8 .

Sand W

40v Firing Pin Assembly

1 Install stirrup 1 on firing hammer 2 and secure with haadlaea pin 3 . 2 Install compression spring 4 and sear 5 on firing hammer 2 and secure with haadleaa 3 Install hammer nose 7 on firing hammar 2 and secure with hammer nose rivet 6 . Install compression spring 1 , detent plunger 2 , and sear 3 on firing hammar 4 and secure with headless pin 8 .

Both S and W and Ruger

Invector Plus Chart

1 Check barrel for obstructions, carton deposits, or corrosion. 2 Uniformly fine pits, or fine pits in a densely pitted area are allowed. Pits up to the width of a land or groove and 3 B-inches or less in length are allowed. Ringed bores or bores ringed enough to bulge the barrel are cause for replacing it. 3 Inspect the detent plunger locking bolt and housing of barrel for cracks or dents that would affect functioning. Small dents or gouges are allowed. Replace plunger bolt if unserviceable. 4...

Both S and W ard Ruger

Caliber Ruger Inch Barrel

The following inspections must be dons while the revolver is assembled. Open cylinder assembly and visuaty Inspect cartridge cylinder and extractor ejeotor for dents, cracks, and burrs. Replace If damaged. Check to see that cylinder la dean and free of obstructions, carbon deposits, or corrosion. Uniformly tine pits or fine pits In a densely pitted area are allowed. Large pits that cause extraction ejection problems are not Inspect center pin. Replaoe If damaged or too long. Inspect springs and...

End er PIOUK

Smith Special Parts

Barrel Assembly Smith and Wesson DESCRIPTION AND I ABLE ON CODE8 lt UOC QTY group 01 barrel assembly smith and wesson 8prinq,helical, compression. udc js6,jt7, js barrel,revolver 4 inch . u0c ji6,ji7 figure C3. Receiver Assembly Smith and Wesson DESCRIPTION AND USABLE ON CODES UOC OTY 4 AFFFF 55356 NPNSftWC-3 4 5 PAFZZ 5595 5091 9 PAHZZ 9535 5 29 7 PAFZZ 5595 B0 4 PAFZZ 5535 5094 GROUP 02 RECEIVER ASSEMBLY SMITH AND WESSON F10.C3 RECEIVER ASSEMBLY lt 8 ft W ORIP, REVOLVER F1Q.C4...

M MAIIfTehance Of Cylinder And Yokecrane Assembly Comt Inspectionrepair Cont [ Both S and W and Ruger Cont

Cylinder End Shake

I 4 Check the breecti for lead buildup of carbon residue. Renwv carbon residua or tead buildup p 3-1 . 5 Remove the cylinder frorrt yoke crane. Peeri thedrgumlerenc of am A on the yoke barrel using yoke aJInement tool, hammer, and suitable hard level surface. If area le burred, off bum 1 Open cylinder and move tiie yokafgttM back and forth. Too much end shake Indicates a worn side plate screw S and W or worn yoje crane button. 2 Check front ilde plate screw S and W p 8-20 and replace If worn....

Both S and W and RugeT

Colt Army Special Cal

1 Use cylinder alinement gage to check atinement of each cylinder chamber with bairel. 2 Lock hammer 1 to the rear, With thumb on hammer, squeeze trigger 2 and ease hammer forward with thumb while holding trigger rearward. Do not touch cylinder during steps 3 and 4. 3 Insert cylinder alinement gageJ3 in muzzle of barrel 4 . Gage shall enter chamber of cylinder 6 without binding, withdraw cylinder alinement gage when test is completed. 4 Repeat above steps until all cylinder chambers are tested....

And Services Pmcs

Cal Special Remove

Make sure that each weapon Is unloaded prior to inspection. Avoid having live ammunition In the vicinity of the work area. a. Before You Operate. Always keep In mind the CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS. Perform your before lt B PMCS. b. While You Operate. Always keep In mind the CAUTIONS and WARNINGS. Perform your during D PMCS. c. After You Operate. Always keep In mind the CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS. Be sure to perform your after A PMCS. d. Equipment Is Not Ready Available It Column. This column contains the...


Special Revolvers Disassembly

1 Drive out headless pin 1 from frame 2 and firing pin guide 3 , compression spring 4 , and firing pin 5 . 2 Remove screw 6 and lift out cylinder release latch 7 . Remove compression spring 8 and headed pin 9 . If headless pin 1 has never been removed before, it may be hard to And. Look on both sides of frame for a flaw in the finish. This may be the end of headless pin. Be careful not to bend or damage bolt. Do not lose plunger or spring. Remove thumbpiece nut 1 and thumbpiece 2 from side of...

Reassembly Cont

Model Revolver Cutaway

Make sure compression sprl ng 13 Is placed In recess of rebound slide 14 . Depress spring 13 and install rebound slide 14 with beveled end forward so rear of trigger lever 7 fits in recess of tebpund slide 14 and against retaining stud ijp . Maintain steady pressure on compression spring 13 until it Is safely positioned against stud 15 . 6 Install flat spring 16 by attaching it to stirrup 10 and placing it into the frame assembly. 7 Install and tighten the...

Smith And Wesson 56351

Pistol Bush


Maintenance Of Strut Assembly

This task covers disassembly, repair, and reassembly. Tools and Special Tools Shop Set, Small Arms Field Maintenance, Basic, Less Power SC 4933-95-CL-A11 General Safety Instructions Compression spring is under tension. Slowly release tension to prevent Injury from flying parts. 1 Push mainspring seat 1 back toward hammer spring strut 2 . Remove pin 3 and slowly release tension on compression spring 4 . 2 Remove mainspring seat 1 and compression spring 4 from hammer spring strut 2 . 1 Install...

Maintenance Of Hammer Assembly Cont

Replacing The Hammer Stud

INSPECTION REPAIR Both S and W and Ruger 1 Inspect firing hammer for breaks, corrosion, and wear. Replace hammer if cocking notch is worn or broken. 2 Check to see If hammer nose S and W and rivet are weak or broken. Check compression spring on sear for damage. Hammer nose must be round and smooth. 3 Replace headless pins holding sear and stirrup and W if damaged. Replace stirrup and sear If damaged. 4 Check for worn or burred trigger mating surfaces on both firing hammer and sear. Be sure...

Maintenance Of Revolver Assembly S and W and Ruger

Revolver Assembly Foto

Make sure revolver is not loaded and barrel Is not obstructed. Tools and Spec a Tools Cylinder allnement gage fig F-3 Cylinder, rear, clearance gage fig F-2 Firing pin protrusion gage fig F-1 Shop Set, Small Arms Field Maintenance, Basic, Less Power SC 4933-95-CL-A11 Materials Parts Cleaner, lubricant and preservative CLP item 4, app E Rag, wiping Item 10, app E Do not remove banel assembly unless necessary for replacement. 1 Remove cylindec and yoke crane assembly S and W, page 6-19, steps 3...

Maintenance Of Trigger Assembly

Inspection Repair Tools end Special Tools Materials Parts Shop Set, Small Arms Field Maintenance, Cleaner, lubricant and preservative CLP Basic, Less Power SC 4933-95-CL-A11 item 4, app E Do not remove detent plunger, compression spring, or headless pin unless replacement Is required. 1 Drive out headless pin 1 from trigger guard 2 . 2 Remove detent plunger 3 and compression spring 4 from trigger guard 2 . 3 Drive out headless pins 5 and remove trigger lever 6 from trigger 4 ....

How To Deassable A 38 Special

Revolver Parts Maintenance

3 Press forward on thumbplece 5 and opan cylinder 6 . 5 Carefully slide cylinder assembly 8 forward, 5 Carefully slide cylinder assembly 8 forward, alining one of the grooves In the cylinder with edge of frame assembly 4 . Do not remove disassembly pin while it compresses mainspring. Do not remove disassembly pin while it compresses mainspring. 3 Cock hammer 5 . Remove disassembly pin 6 from storage position in dowel of frame. 4 Insert disassembly pin in hole of strut assembly 7 . 5 Plaoe thumb...

Section Iii Operation Under Usual Conditions

Gun Yoke Special

OPERATING PROCEDURES S AND W AND RUGER . Keep revolver pointed downrange or away from personnel. 1 Press thumbpiece 1 S and W or cylinder release latch 1 Ruger to disengage cylinder 2 and extractor rod 3 S and W or the ejector rod 3 Ruger . Snapping the cylinder out or In may damage the yoke lt S and W or crane Ruger assembly. 2 Swing cylinder 2 outward. 3 Load cylinder with six .38 special cartridges. 1 Swing loaded cylinder 1 closed. 2 Rotate cylinder 1 until it clicks or no rotation is...

Disassembly Cont j

Cal Disassembly

11 Push top of flat spring 14 forward to remove strain from stirrup 16 . Release flat spring 14 from the lugs on stirrup 15 and remove it. . NOTE To show proper disassembly, the thumbpleA cannot be illustrated. The thumbplece Is on the left side of the revolver. 12 Push thumbpiece back and hold It. Cock hammer 16 and hold trigger 17 to the rear. Remove hammer 16 from hammer stud 18 and release trigger.

Section Iii Troubleshooting

Crane Dan Ejector Rod Revolver

This section contains troubleshooting information for locating and correcting most of the operating troubles which may develop lathe revolvers. Each malfunction for an Individual component, unit, or system Is followed by a list of tests or inspections which will help you to determine the corrective actions to take. You should perform the tpsts Inspections and corrective actions In the otder listed. b. This maqjal cannot list atf malfunctions that may occur, nor all tests or inspections and...

Maintenance Of Receiver Assembly Cnt j

How Disassemble Special

13 Carefully raise rebound slide 19 until It clears stud 20 . Ease tension on compression spring 21 . ' After the rebound slide clears the stud, gradually ease tension on the compression spring to prevent it from being lost or damaged. 14 Remove the rebound slide assembly 19 , but do not remove compression spring 21 from its recess. 15 Remove the trigger assembly 22 by holding hand trigger 23 to the rear. Carefully lift trigger assembly 22 from the trigger stud 24 on frame assembly 4 . 16...

Revolver 38 Parts

Parts Revolver Modeling

Machined to serve as a support for all major components. Houses action of weapon and provided hand grip to ahn and tire weapon. BARREL ASSEMBLY. When fttlng receives and cftrecta projectile and provides front sight. c CYLINDER ASSEMBLY. Houses cartridges for firing. fp YOKE S anffW OR CR AN E Ruger . Provides a mount for thecy Under asaemWy which may be locked into position toHlrtflg, or swung out for loading or unloading. TRIGGER ASSEMBLY. Controls the firing of the...

Headquarters Department Of The Army

Pistols Tattoo

Make sure that each weapon is unloaded prior to inspection. Avoid having live ammunition in the vicinity of the work area. Dry cleaning solvent is flammable and toxic and should be used In a well-ventilated area. The use of rubber gloves is necessary to protect the skin when cleaning revolver parts. Avoid skin contact with carbon removing compounds. Beware of obstructions in the barrel. Inspect the barrel for obstructions before firing. Objects in the barrel such as mud, snow, twigs, or heavy...

Chapter Ammunition

Weight Propellant Cal 9mm

Ammunition for the revolvers is cartridge caliber .38 special ball. Publications for firing, handling, care and preservation or destruction of ammunition are AR 385-83, TM 9-1300-200, TM 9-1300-206, and TM 9-1305-200. Has a small tracer unit to provide observation of the ballistic path during practice firing. Tracer is ignited by heat of the propellant gases. 950 fps measured 15 ft from muzzle Quantity Distance Class Storage Compatibility Group Storage Code DOT Shipping Code DOT...

Chapter Operator Maintenance Instructions

Revolver Maintenance

Always make sure the revolver is not loaded prior to cleaning or lubricating. 3-1. NORMAL CLEANING AND LUBRICATING. a. Keep the revolver clean and oiled for proper functioning. Clean revolver daily when it is carried and not fired, or biweekly when it is kept in storage. b. Swing cylinder outward by pressing the thumbpiece or cylinder release latch. c. Wipe external surfaces with wiping rag item 10, app E and CLP item 4, app E and then wipe dry with a clean dry rag. Clean bore and six chambers...

Disassembly Cont S and W Cont

Ruger 40mm Pistol Manuals

CAUTION Do not dlseseemble frame aaaembfy beyond this point except to replace components. Us extreme cere when lemoy- ng thefoHowtng components. Damageto the frame wil cause the revolver to be unserviceable. 2 Drive out frame lug 7 from frame 3 and discard It 3 Heat studs 8 thru 11 using a narrow lipped flame with a vary high temperature. Remove studs by placing the flame against eech damaged stud until brazing alloy melts. Pull studs out of frame 3 and diecard.