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11-1. General

Marksmanship training ii to teach the grenadier to fire the grenade launcher and to prepare him to employ it In combat Except at discussed below» the marksmanship training» range construction, and range firing for the M79 are identical with that for the M203 (chap 1-8),

114 Slfht Allgimwit, HfHt Ptfturt, and light Manipulation o. Sight alfnement is the relationship between the front sight blade and the rear sight notch, To have correct sight alinement the sights should be alined as shown in figure 11-1. If an imaginary horisontal line were drawn acroas the top of the rear sight notch» the top of the front light blade would touch this line. If an imaginary vertical line were drawn through the center of the notch, the line would cut the front sight blade in half.

b. Sight picture includes sight alinement and the placement of the aiming point as shown In flgura 11-4.

c. Sight manipulation ii the procedurt of pi»* ing the rear slfht carrier at the proper setting on the elevation scale to correspond with the rang» to the target.

11-3, Positions

«. Fire the M79 grenade launcher from the same positions as the M808 grenade launcher, The

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