a* The caliber .45 automatic pistol, M1911A1 (figs. 8 and 9) is a recoilopemtcd, magazine fed, self-loading hand weapon. It contains an inertia-type firing pin that makes it impossible for the firing pin to discharge or touch the primer, except on receiving the impact of the hammer.

b. The pistol b designed to fire caliber -45 cartridge ball ammunition, and the magazine holds seven cartridges. The upper cartridge is stripped from the magazine and forced into the chamber by the forward motion of the slide. The pistol will fire once at each squeeze of the trigger and when the last cartridge, in the magazine, has been fired the slide remains open. The rate of fire is limited only by the ability of the operator to insett the magazine and to squeeze the trigger.

c. The M19U pistols still available in the field will be maintained using M19I1AI repair parts.

d. For convenience of maintenance and replacement of repair parts, the M1911À1 pistol is divided into groups and components as indicated in figure 10.


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