Removal of Bun Screwhead and Working Surfaces

a* During the entire life of the pistol, polishing and stoning are necessary to relieve friction and to remove burs caused by usage. Bun: on screw heads and like surfaces should be removed with a fine file or stone. Buns on such working surfaces as the receiver sliding rails, receiver housing areas and bearings should be removed with a file or stone and polished with a crocus cloth.

CAUTION* Care will be exercised to stone or file evenly and lightly and not remove more metal than absolutely necessary to maintain correct contours. Critical dimensions of parts or assemblies must not be altered in any way that would affect the functioning or interchangeability of parts.

b. Rough spots caused by scores, galling, gouges and rust pits will be smoothed to enable all parts to operate normally. The finish of the repaired component will be approximately that of the original finish.

23- Lubrication a. Make certain all metal parts arc cleancxl and dried thoruuglily in accordance with instructions contained in paragraph 19.

b. All metal part> will be lubricated by applying a light coat of general purpose lubricating oil (PL special). As a part of all assembly and installation operations, lubricate sliding surfaces to rcducc friction and assure free movement.

c. Lubrication and preservation materials are lifted in TM 9-IC05-2U-12P/2.

Figure 24. Cartridge magazine - exploded view. CÏB N-J

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