Semiautomatic Full Automatic Trigger Mechanism Open Bolt

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The pull type Trigger and Trigger Bar Spring is used in both the open and closed bolt Trigger Assemblies.Spring should be approx. in diameter with considerable tension.



Machine Pistol Bolt

For the Open Bolt, Full automatic version only. The leg at the rear of the Trigger is cut from 12 ga. sheet metal and silver soldered in place. The spring is formed from .065" music wire and held in place with a #6 X 48 screw. The first sage of this trigger (semi automatic fire) is stopped by this spring. Pulling the Trigger further t o the rear, against the stronger spring resistance, causes full automatic fire.

Trigger spring detail.




TRIGGER Open-bolt trigger assembly.

Open Bolt Machine Pistol


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Picture Handgun Parts Names

TRIGGER Can be shaped as desired. Only critical dimension is distance between pin holes.

These parts are identical for both versbns.

Photo Ar15and M16 LowersPhoto Ar15and M16 Lowers

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