AE Users Manual Preparing To Fire The Rifle

Ensure that the rifle has been correctly cleaned and lubricated before use, see section 6.2 "Cleaning & Lubricating Before Firing" and 6.3 "Cleaning The Barrel & Chamber Before Firing".

Whenever loading, reloading or unloading ensure that the fingers are CAUTION kept outside of the trigger guard.


To load the rifle, place a full magazine into the magazine well.

Push the magazine upwards until the magazine retaining catch engages on the magazine's lug.

If the bolt is in the closed position, open the bolt by fully raising the bolt lever and pulling it backwards until it reaches its stop.

To feed a round from the magazine into the chamber, push the bolt lever fully forward and then down into the closed position.

A The rifle is now cocked and is able to be fired. The safety lever should be applied as necessary.

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