Assembling The Rifle

5.1.1 Rifles are normally supplied packaged with the magazine fitted and the bolt separate. The bolt will need to be fitted, using the instructions below.

5.2 Fitting & Removal Of The Bolt

5.2.1 Check that the serial numbers of the action body, shroud and bolt are the same. If they are different do not fit the bolt and contact Accuracy International or local Armourer.

5.2.2 Fit the bolt into the bolt way and whilst depressing the bolt release catch, slide the bolt fully forwards.

5.2.3 Release the bolt catch, pull the trigger shoe and whilst holding it to the rear, close the bolt before releasing the trigger shoe.

5.2.4 To remove the bolt, hold the bolt handle in the right hand. Raise the handle and slide the bolt rearwards until it stops on the bolt catch.

5.2.5 Using the left hand, depress the bolt release catch and fully withdraw the bolt from the action.

5.3 Insertion & Removal Of The Magazine

5.3.1 The box magazine is inserted by locating it into the opening in the underside of the rifle.

5.3.2 Hold the magazine by its base using the left hand and push it upwards until the catch engages.

5.3.3 Correct engagement can be assured on hearing an audible 'click' when the magazine is pushed home.

5.3.4 Alternatively, when operational the user can reduce the noise made inserting the magazine by holding the magazine release catch open whilst the magazine is pushed home.

5.3.5 A Always check that the magazine has been correctly engaged and is i secure, by pulling down on the base plate.

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