Maintenance Of The Rifle

4.4.1 NEVER make adjustments to the rifle. The user should not conduct any more maintenance other than routine cleaning and lubrication of its external surfaces.

4.4.2 Have the rifle checked periodically by a qualified Gunsmith / Armourer.

4.4.3 Return the rifle to Accuracy International for checking If you are ever unsure of its condition.

4.4.4 Ensure that the rifle is barrel is cleaned and clear from obstructions prior to firing, see section 6.0 User Maintenance and 4.7 "Checking That The Bore Is Free Of Obstructions".

Accuracy International Ltd, Safe Handling Instructions

It is forbidden without any reason to point the rifle at anybody.

When users are unaware of the weapon status (half loaded, loaded or unloaded), it should always be assumed that it is LOADED.

A weapon which is to be handed over must be presented unloaded and with the bolt open, in the rearwards position.

Before handling the rifie or attempting any operation, the user must ensure theirs and the safety of others byr -

• Standing behind the weapon

* Ensuring it is pointing in a safe direction CAUTION . Checking it is unloaded and safe to handle

NEVER fire the rifle before you have ensured rifle that the serial numbers of the action body, shroud and bolt assembly are the same.


Failure to fully close the bolt every time the bolt is manipulated could result in a live round being left in the chamber, as the extractor does not engage the cartridge rim unless the bolt is fully closed.

When operating the bolt ALWAYS cycle fully i.e. completely open and close the bolt every time it is manipulated.


Tactical movements with a loaded weapon are only to be performed with the safety lever set to the 'SAFE position' (so that the white dot is visible),

Any firearm can still be discharged, even with the safety mechanism engaged, if it is handled carelessly.





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