6.5 Jdj Pressure

The 6.5 JDJ is one of the early examples of the JDJ series of cartridges. The .225 Winchester case was selected for the following reasons:

It is rimmed. Rimmed cartridges are more user friendly than rimless in the T/C. The .225 is the correct capacity to give maximum velocities in the normal barrel lengths found in the T/C and do it with less powder than many larger capacity cases. Most importantly, the .225 case is tough. Correctly loaded and sized it will last for a long time.

In loading the 6.5 simply expand the case neck from 22 to 6.5 in the tapered expander which is standard in the full length sizing die. Fire forming is necessary. There are many methods and most work okay. I prefer to seat 140 grain bullets to just engage the rifling; in fact, it's permissible to actually seat the bullet fully in the chamber by slamming the gun shut twice prior to firing. The load should be crisp — almost a hunting load to properly form the case on its first firing.

After forming never seat a bullet against the rifling as it definitely does increase pressures. I recommend against any use of the solid bullets such as the Barnes X-Bullet. If its use is to be contemplated the bullet must be seated at least .050" back from the rifling and the load reduced accordingly. Failure to follow this instruction can result in damaged guns.

The 6.5 is at its best with bullets in the 120-140 grain weight range. With careful shot placement it will take anything in this country and has taken almost all of Africa's plains game. Obviously I don't recommend it for anything larger than mule deer due to the necessity of having a perfect shot on larger animals. Perfect shot opportunities seldom happen to me.

.473 12,01

.422 10,72

J90 4,83

.264 6,706

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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    How many shots to fireform a .225 winchester case to a 6.5 jdj case?
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