Store In A Cool Dry Place

Be sure the storage area selected is free from any possible sources of excess heat and is isolated from open flame, furnaces, water heaters, etc. Do not store smokeless powder where it will be exposed to the sun's rays. Avoid storage in areas where mechanical or electrical equipment is in operation. Restrict from the storage areas heat or sparks which may result from improper, defective or overloaded electrical circuits.

Do not store smokeless powder in the same area with solvents, flammable gasses or highly combustible materials.

Store only in Department of Transportation-approved containers. Do not transfer the powder from an approved container into one which is not approved.

Do not smoke in areas where powder is stored or used. "No Smoking" signs in these areas are appropriate.

Do not subject powder storage cabinets to close confinement.

Storage cabinets should be constructed of insulating materials and have weak walls, seams, or joints to provide easy self-venting.

Do not keep old or salvaged powders.

Check old powders for deterioration regularly, and if necessary, destroy deteriorated powders immediately.

Obey all regulations regarding quantity and methods of storing. Do not store all your powders in one place. If you can, maintain several separate storage locations. Many small containers are safer than one or more large containers.

Keep your storage and reloading area clean. Clean up spilled powder promptly. Make sure the surrounding area is free of trash or other readily combustible materials.

Smokeless powder is intended to function by burning, so it must be protected against accidental exposure to flame, sparks or high temperatures. Use, if possible, insulating materials that will protect the powder from external heat sources.

Once smokeless powder begins to burn, it will normally continue to burn (and generate gas pressure) until it is consumed.

D.O.T.-approved containers are constructed to open up at low internal pressures to avoid the effects normally produced by the rupture or bursting of a strong container.

Storage enclosures for smokeless powder should be constructed in a similar manner:

1. Offire-resistant and heat-insulating materials to protect contents from external heat.

2. Sufficiently large to satisfactorily vent the gaseous products of combustion which would result if the quantity of smokeless powder within the enclosure accidentally ignited.

If a small, tightly enclosed storage enclosure is loaded to capacity with containers of smokeless powder, the walls of the enclosure will expand or move outward to release the gas pressure - if the powder in storage is accidentally ignited.

Under such conditions, the effects of the release of gas pressure are similar or identical to the effects produced by an explosion.

Hence, only the smallest practical quantities of smokeless powder should be kept in storage, and then in strict compliance with all applicable regulations and recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association.

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