Warning Important Information on Data Read Before Using

Handloading center-fire metallic cartridges should only be undertaken by someone familiar with safe reloading procedures. One must observe all precautions and practices related to the proper handling of any highly flammable material. We suggest you read up on correct reloading procedures. There are a number of excellent books on the subject.

All of our powders are test fired in our laboratory. Under these controlled conditions, our data shows that our powders produce safe cartridges. Your results may vary considerably, depending on the components used and the reloading techniques of the individual. Any component change or substitution can substantially change the ballistic performance and/or safety.

After powders leave our plant, we have no control over improper storage, handling, use, or over the condition of firearms or other components used. For these reasons, Accurate makes no warranty of any kind (either expressed or implied) including specifically, no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. All our loading data is intended solely for use in modern weapons properly chambered for the cartridge to be loaded.

Because all smokeless powders ignite easily and burn rapidly, use caution during handling.

These recommendations for proper storage should be followed.

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