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Ethan Allen was -born in Bellington, Mass., 1810. In 1837 Pat" ented the Allen pepperbox and with his brother-in-law, Charles T. Thurber, began producing this arm at Grafton. Quit that city for Norwich, Conn., in 1842 and thcnce to Worcester, Mass., in 1847. Thurber retired in 1855 and was succeeded by a sccond brother-in-law of Allen's, Thomas P. Wrheelock, the firm name being so changed. After operating from 1856 to 1865 it appears that some difficulty arose which resulted in the organization of the Ethan Allen & Company which, while ostensibly the property of Allen, was in fact the property of Messrs. S. Forehand and H. C. Wads-worth. In 1872 the firm name was changed to Forehand & Wads-worth and subsequently to Forehand Arms Company. Active until 1902.

Allen, Brown & Luther (Ethan Allen)—Manufacturers of rifle barrels at Worcester, Mass., 1848-52, before and after. (Pg. 189, "Breech-loader in the Service/' Fuller.)

Allen, G. F.—-Gunmaker of Utica, New York, 1852-55.

Allen, Henry—Gunmaker of New York City, 1860-62.

Allen, Oliver—Gunmaker of Norwich, Conn. Produced late percussion arms.

Allen, Silas—Gunmaker of Shrewsbury, Mass. Born in 1775, active until 1843; died 1850.

Allen, Thomas—Gunmaker of New York City, 1768-1775. The following interesting letter is taken from the State Papers of New York.

Governor Tryon to Earl of Dartmouth, On Board the Ship "Duchess of Gordon," New York Harbour, 8th Deer., 1775.

My Lord:

I have engaged John Woods, Thomas Allen and William Tunx, three skillful gunsmiths to quit working at their trade in forwarding the execution of purposes contrary to the feelings of their natures as Englishmen, in the present unnatural Rebellion. There is only one Workman now remaining in America who is capable of the business of Gun welting, as I am informed. * * * 1 have therefore paid thirty guineas for their passage to England in the packet, and advanced them twenty guineas more to support them to London. I have made it the express condition of their leaving America that they shall be employed in the Tower, or other the King's Armory.

Your Lordship's most obedient S'vt.,

Wm. Tryon.

Allen & Falls (C B. Allen)—Gunmakers of Springfield, Mass., 1837-40. •

Allen & Thurber—See Ethan Allen.

Allen, Thurber & Co.—Worcester, Mass., 1855-56.

Allen & Wheelock—Worcester, Mass., 1856-65.

Allin, E. S.—Mastcr-Armourcr of Springfield Armory, 1864-66. Patented a breech-loading arm, Sept. 19, 1865, a number of Springfield muskets being converted to his system.

Alsop, C. R.—Gunsmith of Middletown. Conn., 1859-66. Patented breech-loader, July 17, i860; percussion revolver, August 7, i860, and breech-loader, May 14, 1861. (Pg. 9, A. F. and R. P. O., 1860-61.)

American Armament Corporation—Developed 37 mm. guns for mounting on heavy bombing planes, 1936.

American Arms Co.—Chicopee Falls, Mass. Produced Smith carbines during the Civil War.

American Arms Co.—Boston, Mass. Established in the early 70^. Exhibited double-barrel breech-loading shotguns at Philadelphia in T876. Located at 103 Milk Street in 1890, as makers of pistols and shotguns including Wheeler's patent October 31, 1865, June 19, 1866, derringers. Moved to Milwaukee, Wise., in 1893, and continued the manufacture of shotguns in 10, 12 and 16 gauge; double-action hammerless revolvers in .32 and .38 caliber until 1904 or later. (Farrow. U. S. B. D., 1891.)

American Brake Shoe & Foundry Co.—Erie, Penn. Established in 1902. During the World War produced from ten to fifteen TS5-mm Schneider howitzer forgings per day, 1918.

American Bridge Co.—Gary, Ind. During the World War produced two sets, 155-mm G. P. F. forgings and one and one-half 240-mm howitzer forgings per day, 1918.

American & British Mfg. Co.—Bridgeport, Conn. Produced t-pounder sub-caliber tubes, fuses, shells, guns, 1-pounder to 15-pounder rapid fire; 3-inch field guns and caissons; 4.7-inch field guns, etc. At Bridgeport, 1903-08, thence to 44 Crosse St., Providence, R. I., 1909. (See Reports of the Chief of Ordnance, 1903, 1904.)

American Cartridge Company—Cartridge manufacturers at Kansas City, Mo., 1923-24.

American Cutlery Co.—732-764 Mather St., Chicago, 111.; 24 West 23rd St., New York City. Produced trench knives during the World War, 1916-18.

American Flask & Cap Co.—Watcrtown, Conn. Established 1857, capital $125,000. Produced powder flasks, percussion caps and cartridges. Continued until 1891 or later. (N. E. B. D., 1868: U. S. B. D., 1890.)

American-LaFrance & Foamite Corp.—903 Erie Street, Elmira, N. Y. Produce livesaving (line carrying) guns. 1933 or before to date.

American Machine Works—Springfield, Mass. Produced Smith's carbines during the Civil War.

American Nut & Arms Co.—47 Kingston Street, Boston. Established 1867, capital $65,000. Produced Wheeler's patent breech-loading pistols.

American Ordnance Co.—Produced artillery at Bridgeport, Conn., projectiles at Lynn, Mass., and torpedoes at Tiverton, R. I. Probably taken over by American & British Mfg. Co. Produced artillery in the following sizes: 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 14-pounder; 3.2, 4, 5, 6-inch, Accles machine guns ; Lyle guns and projectiles, etc. Active 1896-1909. (Journal of the U. S. Artillery, J an.-Feb., 1901; Annual Reports of the Chief of Ordnance, 1896 to 1909.)

American Projectile Company—Boston, Mass. Produced ammunition for light artillery, naval and machine guns. Active, 1892-94.

American Repeating Rifle Co.—Boston, Mass. Short lived. Established 1869 and purchased the same year by Winchester. (Winchester Cat. No. 78, 1913.)

American Standard Tool Co.—Newark, N. J. Pistol manufacturers prior to 1865. Produced "Hero" pill-lock revolvers.

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