Chamberlain Cartridge Co Chamberlain Cartridge Target Co

Cleveland, Ohio. Produced shotgun shells, 1888-93. Added targets in 1894 and active until 1910.

Chambers, Joseph C.—West Middletown, Washington County, Penna. Secured patent on "repeating gunnery", March 23, 1813. Through the Committee of Defense of Philadelphia, the Navy placed contracts with Tryon & Henry of Philadelphia (Geo. W. Tryon and

J. J. Henry), "for 200 muskets and 20 swivels on Mr. Chambers' plan of gunnery" on February 16, 1814. The muskets at S23.00 each, the swivels at Si8.00 per cwt. A second contract was accorded Henry on April 6, 1814, for 100 "repeating pistols on Mr. Chambers' plan".

Chapman, James—Committee of Safety musket maker of Bucks County, Penna. Active 1770-76, before and after.

'Charlotte Furnace—Middleborough, Mass. Built in 1758. Produced projectiles during the Revolution and the War of 1812. The shot carried by the "Constitution" in her conflict with the "Guerriere" were cast here. Continued until 1830. (pg. 123, "Iron in All Ages". Swank.)

Chase, Anson—Riflcmaker. At Enfield, Mass., prior to 1830, thence to Hartford, Conn., until 1834 quitting that place for New London, Conn., until 1875.

Chase, William—Riflemaker of Pandora, Ohio, 1854-60.

Cherrington, Thomas P.—Riflemaker of Cattawissa, Penna., 1847-58.

Chicago Fire Arms Co.—Chicago, 111. Listed as manufacturers of "Protector" revolvers, patents of March 6, 1883, and August 29, 1893. May have been dealers only.

Churchill, Josiah—Gunmaker of Belle Plaine, Scott County, Minnesota, 1864-66.

Clabrough & Brother—Gunmakers of San Francisco, Calif., 1870-75.

Clapham, Josiah, Clapham & Co.—Gunsmith contractors to the State of Virginia, 1776-77. A record of payment of £850 for muskets delivered is noted.

Clark, Alvan—Riflemaker of Cambridge, 1839-41, thence to Boston until 1848 or later. Patented a false muzzle for rifles, April 24, . 1840. (P. O. R. 1856. Pg. 247, "Instructions to Young Marksmen", John R. Chapman, 1848.)

Clark, Carlos C.—Riflemaker of Windsor, Vt., 1832-46. Claimed the invention of the false muzzle which was patented by Alvan Clark in 1840. Carlos Clark claimed to have invented this item in 1836.

Clark, Carlos—Riflcmaker of Manchester, N. H. Active 1863-75.

Clark, William—Gunmaker of Philadelphia, Pa., 1783-90.

Clark & Sneider-—Baltimore, Md. Produced Sncider shotguns,

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