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A POPE, Agent «nd Manuftoturer, 46 High Street. Boston.

About 1838 changed to "N. Kendall & Co." until 1842, then to "Kendall & Lawrence" (Richard S. Lawrence). In 1844 Bobbins, Kendall & Lawrence (Samuel E. Robbins), received a government contract, February 18, 1845, for 10,000 Model 1841 rifles at $11.90 each, deliveries within live years. Kendall retired in 1849 died December 24, 1861. See Robbins, Kendall & Lawrence.

Kennedy, Martin F.—Gun and Rifle maker, 163 Third St., Saint Paul, Minn., 1864-69.

Kerlin, John—Pennsylvania. Contracted with the Committee of Safety for 50 muskets according to pattern at ¿4:5 each; July 18, 1776. This at Philadelphia. (American Archives, Fifth Series, Vol. I, No. 3297.) Paid >£4:10 for nine new guns delivered October 29, 1776.

Kerr, Michael—Gunsmith of Philadelphia, 1788-90, before and after, Doubtful as to arms production.

Kile, Nathan—Riflemaker, Raccoon Creek, Jackson County, Ohio, 1817.

Kessler—Gunsmith of Weston, Missouri, about 1845-58.

Kinder, Samuel—Philadelphia, Pa. Gunsmith and gunlock maker to Committee of Safety, 1775-76.

King, Daniel—Cannon founder of Germantown and Philadelphia. Served during the Revolution and until 1793 or later. Produced Model 1793, 2.85-inch bronze howitzers, probably in 1795.

(ci. Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Vol. I, several references. "American Inventions and Improvements in Breech-Loading Small Arms," Norton, Vol. Ill, 1882 edition.)

King, Ro8&—Los Angeles, Calif. Of the firm of L. Wundhammer Co., he succeeded Wundhammer upon the latter's death in 1919.

Kintner, John Simon—Born near Lancaster, Penna., about 1800. The Kintners were Hollanders coming from Rotterdam. John served an apprenticeship in one of the numerous gunshops in the vicinity and later moved westward to Harrison County, Indiana. Here he married and established to remain. A fine workman, he produced both rifles and shotguns. Active until 1851 or later.

Kirkwood, David—Mortimer & Kirk wood, Gunmakers, were active 1878 and before. David Kirkwood operated alone at 23 Elm Street, 1882-86. Sons continued at same address as Kirkwood Brothers, repairs only.

Kirschman, E.—Gunmaker of Danville, Penna., 1835.

Kirtland Bros. Co. Inc.—90 Chambers St., New York. Advertised in 1933 as manufacturers of rifles and revolvers.

Kittridge, B.; Kittridge & Co.; Eaton & Kittridge—B. Kittridge established in Cincinnati in 1845. ^51 Eaton & Kittridge employed ten hands and attained an annual production of "250 rifles, all with black walnut and maple stocks." The same year tiiey advertised as "the only agent in the West for the well-known Colt's pistols and other arms."

First established at 236 Main Street, later moving to 134 Main. Partnership with Eaton dissolved in 1859 and B. Kittridge continued until 1891. Operated a branch at 55 Saint Charles Street, New Orleans, in, the 70's.

Secured a patent on revolver, March 8, 1864, No. 41,848.

Klattenhof?, John—Gunmaker of Colorado Springs, Colo., 1878-80, before and after.

Klein, Philip—Gunmaker of New York, 1866-75.

Kleist, Daniel—Born Frankfort-on-Oder, Germany, 1716. lie established in Bethlehem, where he made rifles for the Moravian store. It is on record that Daniel Morgan halted his command of riflemen that Kleist could condition their arms. He is found on the tax return of Easton, Northampton County, 1785-86.

Contemporary documents pronounce Kleist a fine workman. Died in 1792.

Klepzig & Co., J. C. E.—San Francisco, Calif., 1856-58. Produced double guns, rifles and derringers.

Kliemeken, H.—Gunsmith of Trinidad, Colorado, 1870-75. Made complete arms.

Klingelhofer, George—Brooklyn, N. Y. Made or assembled a few shotguns and rifles.

Knoble, W. B.—Tacoma, Washington. Inventor of the Knoble automatic pistol, tested by United States Board at Springfield in 1907.

Knowlton, W.—Riflemaker of Lee, Athens County, Ohio. Active 1849-54. A fine workman.

Koch, J. N.—Rock Island, 111. Produced sporting and heavy match rifles, active 1859-75, before and after.

Kohl, Conrad—Built a gunshop in Reading, Berks County, Pa., in 1851. Active 1859 and after.

Kolbf H. M.—Revolver manufacturer, 2311 N. 16th St., Philadelphia. Produced "Baby" and "New Baby" revolvers. Established 1897 and succeeded by R. F. Sedgley at the same address to date.

Kraft, Jacob—Gunsmith of Lancaster Borough, Lancaster County, Pa., 1771-82.

Krag-Jorgensen Rifle—U. S. Model 1892, the joint design of Capt. O. Krag, Director of the Royal Arms Factory at Kongsberg, Norway, and E. Jorgenscn of the same city. In use in United States service 1894-1903, being produced at Springfield Armory as both rifles and carbines.

Kreutner, C.—Gunmaker of Montgomery, Ala., before and after .

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