Brelsford, Jonathan—Gunsmith of Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio, 1854-61. Specialty rifles.

Bridesburg Machine Works—Philadelphia, Pa. Alfred Jenks and his son Barton H. When the Civil War broke, the Jenks', who had engaged in the manufacture of cotton and woolen mill machinery, quick to grasp an opportunity, "erected a huge building with four wings, having a length of 920 feet and equipped with the necessary machinery and driven by two engines, one of 150, and another of 80 horsepower". They then embarked on a career of munitions making.

Tn 1863 they were employing several hundred men and produced about 5000 Springfield muskets per month. Received contracts totaling 160,000 muskets of which they delivered 98,464 and collected $1,959,537. (Pgs- 540-541, "History of American Manufactures'', Bishop, Vol. II. Phila., 1864.)

Briggs, William—Norristown, Penna., 1848-75. Produced ail metal: percussion rifles and all-metal under-hammer shotguns, patent of August, 1859. Shop at 98 Main St.

Bristol Fire Arms Co.—Bristol, Rhode Island. Forerunner of the Burnside Rifle Co., Providence, R. T. Secured government contract Sept. 2i, 1858, for 709 Burnside carbincs at $35.00 A. E. Burnside of Providcncc, patent March 25, 1856.

Brockway, Norman S.—Gunmaker of West Brookfleld, Mass., and Bellows Falls, Vt., born March, 1841, died July 25, 1936. (pgs. 7, 8, 27, Vol. 84, No. 7, "Norman S. Brockway", Clitie, American Rifleman, July, 1936.)

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