Thomas Riggins Gunmaker For The Confederacy

Revere, Paul; Revere & Son—Revere, of "the midnight ride" fame, established a foundry in the north part of Boston in the 1780's. In 1800 he announced the discovery of a method "to make copper so mailable as to hammer it hot". The government granted him a loan of $10,000 and in 1801 he bought a water-power site at Canton, Mass. He produced numerous brass cannon used in the Revolution and War of 1812; the copper used in the construction of the "Constitution" and her two sister ships and the boilers for Robert Fulton's later ships. The firm he established continues to date as the Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated.

Reynold*, Plant & Hotchkiss—New Haven, Conn. Produced Plant's patent revolver, the invention of Willard C. Ellis and N. White. Patents were granted July 12, 18^9, July 21, 1863 and August 2^, 1863.

Rheimer, William—Riflemaker at 63 Randolph Street, Detroit, Mich. Active 18.58-67, before and after.

Richards, L. B.—Musket maker of Lynchburg, Va., about 1825-35.

Richardson, O. A.—Riflemaker of Lowell, Mass., 1857. Produced tine match rifles.

Richardson & Cutter—66 Central St., Lowell, Mass., 1865-68.

Richardson, Joel—Gunsmith of Boston, Mass., 1816-25.

Richardson & Overman—Philadelphia, Pa. Produced Mahlon J. Gallagher's patent July i860 carbines, during the Civil War. This weapon breaks up (like a shotgun) for loading and takes a linen covered .54 caliber cartridge. Later this arm was altered to receive a rim-fire cartridge and was submitted to the breech-loading tests of 1865 as the Richardson. The firm was active producing ordnance from 1862 to 1866.

Richmond Armory—A Confederate arms factory at Richmond, Va., in the early part of the Civil War.

Richmond Forging Co.—Richmond, Va. Produced naval gun forg-ings during the World War.

Richmond Iron Works—Richmond, Va. Produced Navy projectiles 1906-11.

Rickets, John—Riflemaker of Mansfield, Ohio, 1859-83.

Ridabock & Co.—Sword cutlers, 149-151 West 36th St.. New York. Established 1847 an<l active to date.

Rife, Charles—Riflemaker of Cincinnati, Ohio, 1854-56.

Rigdon, Ansley & Co.—Augusta, Ga. Produced revolvers for the Confederacy, 1863-64.

Riggins, Thomas—Confederate gunsmith of Knoxville, Tenn., 1862-63.

Riggins, Thomas—Gunsmith of McMinn County, Texas. According to Sawyer he was born in 1821 and still living in 1910. Same as above?

Riggs, B.—Riflemaker of Bellows Falls, Vt., 1850.

Riley, Edward—Riflemaker of Cincinnati. Ohio, 1816-18.

Riley, William L.—Riflemaker of Watertown, Washington County, Ohio, 1849-54.

Ripley Bros.—Gunmakers of Windsor, Vermont, 1835.

Ritter, Jacob—Riflemaker of Philadelphia, Pa., 1775-83.

Rittenhouse, Benjamin—Executive head of the State Gun Factory, French Creek, Penna., 1777-79. It is doubtful that Rittenhouse . was a practical workman though he contracted in 1776 for 200 muskets at 4:5s.

Ritzel, P. M.—Rifle barrel maker of Stark County, Ohio. Produced rifles prior to 1850 and gun barrels exclusively thereafter. Active 1855 or later.

Robbins, Kendall & Lawrence—Windsor, Vermont. Samuel E. Rob-bins, Nicanor Kendall and Richard S. I-awrence. Received government contract February 18, 1845 for 10,000 Model 1841 rifles at $11.90, deliveries within five years. After 1847 became Robbins &

On January 5, 1848 received contract for 15,000 rifles at $12.87^.

About 1849-50 they produced Lewis Jennings' tubular magazine rifle with lever action. Jennings also designed the cartridge employed with this arm—a lead bullet with a hollow base which contained the propellent charge. D. B. Wesson and B. Tyler Henry, who at the time were employed by Robbins and Lawrence, later improved the action and ammunition of this arm which subsequently became the Winchester.

Produced G. Leonard s patent 1849 pepperbox pistol.

R. S. Lawrence became master-armourer at Sharps Rifle Mfg. Co.. Hartford, Conn., in 1852 and continued in this connection until 1864 or later.

(Pgs. 745, 746.. "History of American Manufactures," Bishop, Phila., 1864.)

Robbins, C.—Shotgun maker of New York, about 1870.

Roberts, W.—Riflemaker of Daneville, N. Y., 1850.

Roberts & Kimball—t Cambridge Road, Woburn, Mass. Established 1935. N. II. Roberts is the designer of the new .257 cartridge and has contributed numerous articles to the literature on arms.

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