Henry Hawken Schenectady 1769 Gun Maker

Hawker, W.—Riflemaker of Saginaw, Michigan, with a shop on north Water Street. Active 1859-68, before and after.

(Lake Shore Gazetter, Sage, Son & Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 1867.)

Hawken, Henry—or Hawkins, Celebrated gunsmith who is first found at Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Later he migrated to Ha-gerstown, Maryland thence to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and finally to St. Louis, Missouri. lie was active at. the latter place before and after 1808. Active from 1785 to after 1808. Father to Jacob and Samuel T. Hawken.

Hawken', Jacob—Son of the above, born in Hagerstown, Maryland in 1786. Worked St. Louis, Missouri from* 1820 until his death, May 9, 1849.

Hawken, Samuel T.—Son of Henry, born in Hagerstown, Maryland, October 26, 1792. During the period 1822-60 he appears to have worked at St. Louis; Independence, Iowa and Denver, Colorado.

(Pg. 42, "Arms Fabricators," Gardner, Columbus, 1934.)

Heal Rifle Co.—16 Atwater Street, Detroit, Michigan. Produced .22 caliber rifles about 1902-06.

Heckert, Philip—Rifle maker of York county, Pennsylvania. Active from before 1769 until his death in 1779.

Mk19 BulletJacob And Samuel Hawken Rifles

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