Parrot, Robert Parker—Inventor of the Parrot gun, the most effective artillery of the Civil War. Born at Lee, N. H. in 1804.

Graduated from West Point in 1824 and assigned to the ordnance department but soon thereafter resigned to enter business as a founder. Located in Orange County, N. Y. where he secured 7,000 acrcs with all mineral rights and the Greenwood furnace. He later secured control of West Point Forge, situated at Cold Springs, on the Hudson River Railroad, three miles above West Point Station and half a mile from the Cold Springs Station, in Put-name County.

Just when Parrot began the production of ordnance is uncertain but it was prior to 1858 and continued until 1871 when the last blast was made. His wartime cannon was patented in 1861.

Parrot described his cannon as "a hooped gun of the simplest construction, composed of one piece of cast iron and one of wrought with no tapers, no screws, no successive layers of hoops".

Parrot died 111 1877 but the West Point Foundry was revived shortly 1871'and continued until about 1895.

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Parsons—Riflemaker of Plattsburg, N. Y., 1857-60, before and after.

Patent Arms Mfg. Co.—Paterson, N. J. The first manufacturers of the Colt. Organized 1836, failed in 1841 and closed out the following year. Colt was an employee..

Patton, R„ F.—Riflemaker of Ouincy, Logan County, Ohio, 1858-65.

Pattern, William—Shotgun maker of Springfield, Mass., 1858-68.

Paul, Andrew—Riflemaker of Pennsylvania, 1831.

Pecare & Smith—New York. Repeating- pistols, 1847-53.

Pearson, James—A Committee of Safety musket maker of Pennsylvania, 1775-76.

Peck, J. C.—Confederate gunsmith of Atlanta, Ga., active 1857-64.

Pederson, J. D.—Noted designer. Inventor of Remington pump-action shotguns, trombone-action rifles and automatic pistols. Following the World War he was employed by the government at Springfield Arsenal where he developed a successful semi-automatic rifle which is now known as the U. S. Model T-i Pederson.

Pence, Jacob—Gunsmith of Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pa.,

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