Swart z, Peter—Gunsmith of York County, Pa. Worked for state. 1784-86. Doubtful as to production.

Sweet, Jenks & Son—Gunsmiths of Rhode Island. Received a government contract on November 13, 1810, for 3,000 muskets. Had delivered 250 prior to October 7, 1812.

Sweitzer & Co., Daniel—"Announced the opening of their gunlock manufactory, west of the courthouse 011 the road to Millerstown," Lancaster County, Pa., 1808. Remained active until 1813 or later.

Sweitzer, Charles—Riflemaker of Mauch Chunk, Carbon County, Pa., 1864-75, before and after.

Swinehart, Andrew—Riflemaker of Somerset, Perry County, Ohio, 1846-54.

Symington-Anderson Co.—Rochester, N. Y. A wartime set-up of the Symington Co. Completed fifteen 75-mm guns per day for the government in 1918. The forgings were produced at Columbus, Ohio, and elsewhere.

Syracuse Arms Co.—Syracuse, N. Y. Originally the Syracuse Forging & Gun Company. Makers of the "Syracuse" line of shotguns and active 1889 or earlier. Absorbed by the Ithaca Gun Company.

Tacony Ordnance Co.—Philadelphia, Pa. Wartime set-up of the Philadelphia Steel & Forge Co. Activc producing gun forgings,

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