Lkb 3 M203 Grenade Launcher

Roop, John—Gunsmith of Allentown, Pa., 1775. Probably repairs only.

Root & Van Dervoort Engineering Co.—East Moline, 111. Produced 4-inch naval guns in 1918.

Roper, Sylvester H.; Roper Repeating Rifle Co.—Amherst, Mass. Established 1866, capital $100,000, C. M. Spencer, agent. In 1868 Charles E. Billings became president and in 1869 removed to Hartford, Conn., to be reorganized as Billings & Spencer. The Roper Company produced Spencer-Roper repeating shotguns and Roper's repeating rifles.

Roper (Sylvester H.) patented choke boring in 1866 and a magazine rifle on August 20, 1889, #409,429.

Roth, Charles and E. F.—Wilkes-Barre, Pa., riflemakers. Charles was active about 1858-75, before and after. E. F. Roth was active 1870-75, before and after.

Ross, David—Cannon founder to the State of Virginia. 1776-86.

Rowe, Webster—Riflemaker of Skowhegan, Maine, 1859-68, before and after.

Royet, Louis—Came from France and established on the Wyomissing, Reading, Penna., in 1858. Produced a number of percussion and cartridge arms and active until 1889 or later.

Rudolph, Victor; Rudolph & Co.—Rudolph was active at Saint Joseph, Mo., from 1867 until 1874 when Rudolph & Company became successors to H. E. Dimick & Co. of Saint Louis. Continued until 1879 or later. ^

Rudolph, A. E.—Gunmaker of Canon City, Colorado, 1875-80.

Rugart, Peter—Lancaster County, Pa. He, and Christian Isch, on November 17th, 1775, "Agreed, beginning Monday, November 20, 1775, to make muskets and bayonets for this county^ at the Philadelphia prices: and that they will confine themselves to that work entirely from that time to the first day of March next and furnish as many as they can possibly complete."

Rupp, Herman—Maker of Kentucky rifle dated 1784. Location unknown.

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