McKin—Riflemaker of Baltimore, Md., about 1800.

McRae, Alexander—Gunsmith of Richmond, Va. Secured a government contract July 28, 1817, for 10,000 stand of arms at $14.00. McRac could not meet delivery requirements, his contract being taken over by Brooke Evans and John Rogers of Philadelphia.

Nason, C. F.—Gunsmith of Lewiston, Maine, 1863-68.

National Arms Co.—Brooklyn, N. Y. Pistol makers, taken over by Colt in 1869.

Naval Gun Factory—U. S. Navy Yard, Washington, D. C. Equipped for heavy gun making by Act of March 3.. 1883. Produce naval guns in all calibers.

Naval Ordnance Plant—South Charlestown, W. Va. Government munitions works established during the World War. Inactive at the present.

Nashville Plow Works—Nashville, Tenn. Produced sabers for the Confederate forces, 1862-64.

Neihard, Peter—Gunsmith of Northampton County, Pa., 1785-87. Produced Kentucky rifles.

Nelson, Roger—Riflemaker of Medina City, Ohio, 1857-60.

Neidner, A. O., Neidner Rifle Corp.—Melrose, Mass., and later at Dowagiac, Mich. Rifle makers.

Neel, George—-Riflemaker of Uniontown, Belmont County, Ohio, 1849-54.

Newcomb, H. W.—Gunmaker of Eastport, Maine, 1865-68, before and after.

Newcomer, John—Gunmaker of Ilempfleld Township, Lancaster County, Pa., 1770-72.

New England Westinghouse Company—Chicopee and Springfield, Mass. Produced ordnance from 1916 to 1927 or later. Supplied military rifles to the Russian Government and took over Remington Arms Co/s contract for 15,000 Browning aircraft machine guns.

Newhard, Peter—Gunmaker of White Hall Township, Northampton County, Pa. Active 1777-88 and after. Probably same as Peter Neihard. Name is given as Newhardt also.

Newhardt, Jacob—Gunsmith of Allentown, Pa., 1774-77.

New Haven Arras Co.—New Haven, Conn., 1857-65. Organized by Oliver F. Winchester and B. Tyler Henry in 1857. Produced the Henry repeating rifle and dissolved in 1866 to be reorganized as the Winchester Repeating Arms Co.

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