Grudchos And Eggers Gunsmiths

Driggs-Schroeder; Driggs-Seabury Gun & Ammunition Co.; Driggs-Seabury Ordnance Co.; Driggs Ordnance & Engineering Co.

—Wrn. II. Driggs and Scaton Schrocdcr of Washington, D. C., patented rapid-fire ordnance, February 28, 1888. In this breech-loading ordnance, the breech-block moves first downward in opening, then rotates backward and downward to open. Patent No. 378,828. This weapon was probably produced first by Wm. Cramps & Sons at Philadelphia, as an advertisement published in 1890 announced this firm as the manufacturers. Cramps discontinued the making of ordnance about 1894.

In 1898 the Driggs-Seabury Gun & Ammunition Company established at Derby, New Haven County, Conn., and continued until 1903 when the plant was dismantled. Mention is 'made of ordnance by the Driggs Company in Ordnance Documents of 1915. Next the Driggs-Seabury Ordnance Company of Utica, N. Y., appears, operating through the World War period. The Driggs Ordnance & Mfg. Corp. follows to be succeeded by the Driggs Ordnance & Engineering Company, 19 West 44th Street, New York City, manufacturers of light naval guns, light artillery and special artillery, lo date. cf. Directory of the Iron & Steel Association, 1899 and 1904. Ordnance Document, No. 1763, Washington, 1915. Pg. 951, Official Gazette, U. S. Patent Office, Feb., 1888.

Drippard, F.—Famed riflemaker of Lancaster, Penna., 1767-73.

Dubiel Arms Company—Ardmore, Oklahoma. Successors to the Hoffman Arms Co. Custom built rifles.

Dudden, E. H.—Considered as one of the best craftsmen of Europe and America, this English gunsmith was induced to locate in Philadelphia, Pcnna. Here he worked upon a noted collection of projectile arms and made shotguns to order. Active 1926-27, he grew discouraged at the American market and returned to England.

Ounlap, H. C—Riflemaker of Kossuth, Auglaize County, Ohio. Active 1848-54.

Ehinwicke—Gunsmith of Chester County, Penna. A Committee of Safety musket maker, he had delivered 86 muskets prior to January 3> A report dated October 6, 1776, states he has 600 firelocks ready to be proved.

Duprez, S.—Gunsmith of Del Norte, Colorado. Made or assembled breech-loading arms, 1873-75.

Dwight, H. D.—Riflemaker of Belchertown, Mass., 1847.

Dutton, John S.—JaiYrey, New Hampshire. Served as apprentice in the shop of A. Leonard, Saxtons River, Vermont, and though discharged because of inattention he gained quite a reputation for good workmanship. Active from 1856 or before, to 1868 or later.

Eagle Arms Co.—New York City. Incorporated November 20, 1865. Produced Eagle revolvers or the so-called Plant. Patent was issued to W. C. Ellis and N. White, July 12, 1859, July 21, 1863, and renewed August 25, 1863.

Eagle Mfg. Co.—Norwich, Conn. Produced "U. S. Eagleville" muskets during the Civil War. Secured two government contracts: December 26, 1861 25,000 rifled Springfield muskets. July 26, 1862 20,00 ditto. Prices ranged from $16.00 to $20.00 each.

Eagle Revolver Mfg. Co.—Norwich, Conn., revolver manufacturers, 1892-93.

Eagle Rifle Work»—Philadelphia, Penna. James Golcher, proprietor. Active before and after 1833.

Eagle Works—Philadelphia, Penna., corner of Callowhill and Nixon Sts. Cannon foundry during the Revolution and War of 1812.

Ealer, Lewis W.—Riflemaker of Lancaster, Penna., 1848-57.

Earl, Thomas—Famous gunmaker of Leicester, Mass., 1770-76.

Earle, Elias<—Centerville, S. C. Secured a government contract February 16, 1815 for 10,000 stand of arms. This contract was taken over by Adam Carruth of Greenville, S. C., on November 14, 1816.

Eaton, J.—Gunsmith of Concord, N. H., 1874 to about 1916.

Eaton & Kittridge—236 Main St., Cincinnati, Ohio. Operating with ten hands and producing 250 rifles annually, 1851. See B. Kit-tridge & Co.

Eberle—Cutler of Lancaster County, Penna., 1760-78. "A peerless genius in iron and steel—a natural mechanic—his bayonets are not inferior to the damask blade."

Eberle, A.—Riflemaker of Cincinnati, Ohio. Active 1855-63.

Eberley, John—Committee of Safety musket maker. Location unknown.

Eckel, Charles—Riflemaker of Cincinnati, Ohio. Active 1855-60.

Eckart Bros.—Riflemakers of St. Joseph, Mo. Henry and William active from before 1857 to 1868.

Eddy, James—Gunsmith of Philadelphia, 1812-14. Doubtful as to complete arms. Worked on public arms.

Edgewater Steel Co.—Pittsburgh, Pa. During the World War produced one 155-mm "G. P. F.M and one 240-mm howitzer forgings per day.

Edison Machine Work«—19 Dey Street, New York City. Manufacturers of naval torpedoes, 1889-90.

Edward, A, G.—Riflemaker of Corunna, Michigan, 1855-69.

Edwards & Goodrich—New Haven, Conn., 1840-45. Received a government contract January 8, 1841 for 7,500 muskets complete, at Si 2 .75, deliveries within five years. (U. S. 383, Doc. 72.)

Eggers, Selmar—Gunmaker of New Bedford, Mass. Specialty whaling guns. Associated with Grudchos as Grudchos & Eggers, 1857. Partnership was dissolved about i860, Eggers continuing until

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