Burgess, Andrew—Owcgo, N. Y. Produced G. W. Morse patent October 28, 1856, repeating rifles which he exhibited at Philadelphia in 1876. Secured fifteen patents in 1887. Active 1874-1887 before and after.

Burnham, Elisha—Musket maker of Hartford, Conn., 1777-81.

Burnside Rifle Co.—Providence, R. I. Successors to the Bristol Fire Arms Co. Manufacturers of A. E. Burnside patent March 25, 1856, carbines. Burnside was a resident of Bristol. During the period 1858-65, the government purchased 55,567 carbines paying $1,412,620.41.

Burt, A. M.—Produced 11,495 rifled Springfield muskets for the government during the Civil War.

Burton, Bethel—Brooklyn, N. Y. W. G. Ward and Burton secured a patent on the Ward-Burton bolt action rifle August, 1869. This arm was adopted by the Army and in use 1871-76. Both rifles and carbincs were produced at Springfield Armory.

On September 25, 1888, Burton secured patent on automatic machine gun, patent No. 390. 114. (pg. 27T, Official Gazette, U. S. Patent Office, 1888.)

Burton, L.—Gunmaker of Norwalk, Ohio, 1867-83.

Butler, Sugden & Co.—Rocky Hill, Conn. Promoted the production of Wm. S. Butler's pistol, patent of February 3, 1857, Xo. 16571.

Butler, Joseph—118 Randolph St., Chicago, 111. Established 1857 and active until t884. Produced rifles and shotguns.

Butterfield, Elon B.—Patented "many chambered" firearms March 16, 1839.

Butler, John—A Committee of Safety musket maker of Lancaster, Penna., 1775. Active 1778 or later.

Butler, Thomas—Probably of Lancaster, Penna. He was public armourer under the Board Of War being succeeded April 23rd, 1778, by William Henry of Lancaster, Penna.

Butterfield, Jesse S.—Philadelphia, Penna. Tnventor of the rare Butterfield revolver. Active 1854-65. Patent of December 11, 1855.

Butterfield, Levi—Lynn, Mass., gunmaker, active 1857-68.

Byrkit, A. ML—Fairfield, Iowa. Produced over and under rifles, patent 1874. Active 1867-75, before and after.

California Arms Mfg. Co.—544 Market St., San Francisco, Calif. Makers of machine guns, riot guns, gas weapons, harpoon guns, etc. Present day.

Carey, J,—Rifiemaker. Born in Highland County, Ohio, August, 1826. Established a gun shop in Clinton County in 1850 and active until 1882.

Carey, M.—Rifiemaker of Lexington, Ohio, 1857-69.

Carondelet—St. Louis, Mo. Produced revolvers prior to Civil War.

Carpenter, John—Rifiemaker of Earl Township, Lancaster County, Penna. Active 1771-90.

Carroll, Lawrence—Rifiemaker of Philadelphia, Penna., 1786-90, before and after. Shop on north side of Spruce St.

Carruth, Adam—Greenville, South Carolina. On November 14, 1816, he agreed to take over the government contract originally held by Elias Earle of the same place. This contract covered 10,coo stand of arms.

In 1819 he secured a second contract for 7,750 stand. A report dated January 11th of the year following indicates Carruth had delivered 1,500 muskets receiving $7,500.00. Active 1809-23.

Cass, Milo M.—Utica, N. Y. Patented a "repeating, self-capping firearm", September 26, 1848.

Cave, Christopher—Gunmaker. (Birding Guns) Dock Ward, Philadelphia. Active 1776-80.

Chalkis Mfg. Co.—Detroit Mich. Adapted an existing plant in 1917 and produced three 3-inch antiaircraft guns per day in 1918.

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