James S Teaff Gunmaker Ohio

Talley, Ensign—Ensign in Colonel Danielson's Regiment. Active at least as early as 1768 as a gunsmith, Talley was appointed Master Armourer to the colony of Massachusetts Bay on June 13th, 1775. He was reputed "a master gunwelier" and received 40 shillings per month in addition to ensign's pay.

Taylor, George—Owner and operator of the Durham Iron Works, Northampton County, Pa. During the Revolution he produced small, brass, swivel cannon and musket barrels. Taylor died in 1781.

Teaff, James and Nimrod—James, a riflemaker of Steubenville, Ohio, served in the army during the Mexican War. Returned to his shop following that conflict and in 1856 his son. Nimrod, became a member of the firm. James was active until 1861 or later. Nimrod continued until 1891.

Teff—A Committee of Safety musket maker of Rhode Island, 1775-76.

Thames Arms Co.—Norwich, Conn., 1907-08. Arms manufacturers.

Thayer, Robertson & Cary—15-31 S. Golden Street, Norwich, Conn., 1907-08. Revolver makers.

Thomas, E.—Chicago, III. Produced the Abbey & Foster brecch-loading top-fastening, shotgun, 1878-79.

Thomas, J. A.—Gunmaker of West Meriden, Meriden, Conn., 1865-68.

Thomas, Oratio—Rifle maker of Higginsport, Brown County, Ohio,

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