Siebert Gunsmith Columbus Ohio

Shorer, Andrew—Gunsmith of Bethlehem Twp., Northampton County, Pa. 1775-76. Doubtful as to production.

Shoverling & Daly—New York, N. Y. Produced hunting and target rifles, revolvers, etc., 1871-76, before and after.

Shuler, John R.—Riflemaker of Liverpool, Pa., 1849-60.

Siebert, Charles M.—Born in Columbus, Ohio, September 25, 1839. He began with his brother, Christian, in 1851, when but twelve years of age. Charles developed into a skilled metal and woodworker and produced many elaborate arms. Died at Columbus in

Siebert, Christian—Born at Frankfort, Germany, November 9, 1822. His family sailed from Bremen in the month of October, 1832, and landed at Baltimore after a voyage of sixty-five days. Proceeded overland to Columbus, Ohio, where the elder Siebert established as bookbinder and printer about 1839.

Christian set up a gun shop at 253 South High Street, in 1851 moving to 217 South High in 1872. He was a skilled worker, specializing in rifles though he made shotguns and pistols also. Died at Columbus, September 18, 1866.

Siebert, Henry L.—Riflemaker of Cincinnati, Ohio. Active from before 1849 to 1858. Associated with John Griffiths, 1852-54 as Griffiths & Siebert, 279 Main Street.

Siegling, William C.—Manufacturer of rifles and laminated steel, double-barrel shotguns, 1866-70.

Slack, Peter; Slack & Son—Born in Peterboro, Lincolnshire, Eng., in June, 1820. Served a seven-years apprenticeship as a gunsmith, receiving but his board and clothing. Migrated to America and proceeded directly to Cincinnati arriving in the fall of 1851. Found employment as journeyman gunsmith and remained until 1854.

In the late spring of the same year he embarked in business at Springfield, Ohio, and continued until his death 011 September 18, 1892, Succeeded by his son, Alfred J. Slack (born January 10, 1852), who continued as a sporting goods dealer.

The elder Slack produced many "plains" type rifles and a number of pistols. (Pp. 114-15, "History of Clark County, Ohio,"

Sleret, Englehart—Riflemaker on High Street, Chillicothc, Ohio, 1854-60, before and after.

Sliterman, Jeremiah—Armourer to the Colony of Georgia, 1766-68, inclusive. Produced a few muskets.

Slocum, Hardin—Riflemaker of Homer, N. Y. Active 1831-46, before and after.

Slotterbeck, Charles—Lakeport and San Francisco, Calif. Active 1878-84, before and after. Produced a number of shotgun type rifles with lever to break on the barrel tang, patent of October 5, 1880. Percussion arms also.

Slotterbeck, H. W.—3732 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Produced metallic arms, recent, now deceased. .

Slotterbeck & Co.—Philadelphia, Pa. Produced back-action percussion rifles and derringers in .41 and .44 calibers.

Small, Samuel—Riflemaker of New Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio. Produced the entire arm including the barrel. Active 1849-54.

Smart, Eugene—Gunmaker of Dover, N. H., about 1865-90.

Smith, Anthony—Riflemaker of Bethlehem Twp., Northampton Co., Pa., 1779-90.

Smith, Dexter—Gunmaker of Springfield, Mass., 1869-75, before and after. Secured a patent on a method for regulating the choke of shotguns, May 30, 1871.

Smith & Co., George—New York, N. Y. Produced pistols and trap pistols, 1863-66.

Smith, George Wm.—Completed a foundry and boring mill in Goochland County, Virginia, in 1809. Produced cannon for the state, 1809-11.'

Smith, Gilbert—Gunsmith of Butternut Falls, N. Y., 1830-58. Secured three patents on a breech-loading arm, 1854, 1856 and 1857. During the period 1861-65, the government purchased 30,062 Smith's patent, June 23, 1857, carbines at $24.00 each. These were produced by the Massachusetts Arms Co.

Smith, Horace—See Smith & Wesson.

Smith, Jeremiah—Gunsmith of Lime Rock, Rhode Island, 1770.

Smith, John—Riflemaker of Hessville, Black Swamp, Ohio, 1866-69, before and after.

Smith, Johnston—With John Young of Northampton Co., Penna., contracted with the Council of Safety of Virginia for 1,000 stands of arms in February, 1776. Deliveries were completed before May 1 st of the same year.

Smith, Louis—Riflemaker of Tiffin, Ohio, 1855-59.

Smith Gun Co., L. C.—Established at Syracuse, N. Y., by Lyman Cornelius Smith in 1877. Smith sold his interests in 1890. During his term as head of the business he gave employment to an average of 176 workmen and produced more than 30,000 shotguns. The Smith line is now made by the Hunter Arms Co., Fulton, N. Y.

Smith, Obadiah—Gunsmith of Brunswick County, Virginia, 1810.

Smith, Otis A.—Revolver manufacturer at Rock Fall, Conn., 1887-90.

Smithy Patrick—189 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. Gunmaker, active

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