Joseph Clippinger Rifles

Clippinger, Joseph—Riflemaker of New Carlisle, Clark County, Ohio. Active 1846-54.

Coats, Moses—Cutler of East Calm, Chester County, Penna. Active 1781-90. .Produced belt axes and belt knives.

Coats, James—Musket maker of Philadelphia, 1810-14. At one time an employee of J. J. Henry working upon public anus.

Cochran, John Webster—Born Enfield, N. H., May 16, 1814. Patented a "many chambered firearm" April 29, 1837. Secured a second patent May 8, 1837, on a "many chambered cylinder firearm''. Bishop states "In 1836 Cochran's rifles were finished at a factory at Springfield at the rate of 8 per week".

Cochran had previously (October 22, 1834) invented a revolving breech-loading cannon. Not being kindly received at home, Cochran took his model to Europe and after some effort gained the attention of the Sultan of Turkey. According to Cochran he constructed a 12-pound brass, breech-loader at the Imperial Arsenal at Constantinople in 1835. From the same source we learn that this piece was fired 100 times with "entire satisfaction".

During the period 1839-47 Cochran spent the greater portion of his time in France. He held many European patents. After returning to the United States he devoted most of his time to the improvement of projectiles and was active until 1861. (Improvements in Ordnance, Firearms and Projectiles, Cochran, New York, i860. Pg. 269, Vol. XI, National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, White, N. Y., 1929.)

Coes-Loring & Co., Inc.—Worcester, Mass. Produced steel gun forg-ings from establishment 1888 until 19T2.

Cofer, T. W.—At Portsmouth, Va., he produced a limited number of revolvers for the Confederate government which are now very rare. Probably produced less than one hundred. After the Civil War he established at Norfolk, Virginia, where he was active until 1875 or later.

Coffers, Augustus—Riflemaker, North Queen St., Lancaster, Penna., 1848-57, before and after.

Coldren, Samuel—Rifle barrel maker, North Queen St., near Lemon, Lancaster, Penna., before and after 1857.

Collier, Elisha H.—A skilled gunsmith of Boston, 1807-12, thence to London. England, 1813, and returning to Boston about 1850. About 1811 he had invented a flintlock revolver which was not kindly received due to the growing popularity of percussion type arms.

In this arm the chambers of the cylinders were slightly belied at the mouth to fit over the tapered breech end of the barrel. This insured the axis of the chamber being true with that of the barrel. When seated it was held in place by a spring.

Collins & Company—Established 1828 at Collinsville, Connecticut, by Samuel W. Collins. Active to date at Hartford and. producing as fine a line of cutlery as is known. Produced swords and bayonets for the government during the war periods and their machetes enjoy a world-wide reputation for excellence.

Of such renown was the Collins brand that Reeves of Birmingham. England, forged "Collins & Co., Hartford" to blades of his production. Collins brought action in the English Courts to .prevent this practice and won, 1856. (Pgs. 122-147, "Great Industries of the United States", Burr & Hyde, Hartford, 1873. Pg. 522, Vol. I, "History of the Manufactures of the United • States", Clark, New York, 1929.)

Colt Patent Fire Arms Co., Samuel Colt—Samuel Colt, born Hartford, Connecticut, July 10, 18T4, died January, 1862. Secured his first patent February 25, 1836, production beginning the same year.

The original company, located at Paterson, N. J., failed in 1841 and closed out their assets the following year. With the assistance of the government, Colt reestablished at Whitneyville in 1847, ting that place for Hartford in 1848.

The company was incorporated in 1855 and from 1853 1864 operated a branch in London, England.

A partial list of early government contracts and purchases follow :

March 2, 1841, 100 repeating carbines at $45.00

August 28, 1845, 100 repeating carbines 32.50 (thru J. Ehlers)

August 28, 1845, 100 boarding pistols'... 25.00 (thru J. Ehlers) January 4, T847, 200 patent repeating pistols 28.00 . (open purchase)

January 8, 1849, 1000 revolving pistols. 25.00

February 4, 1850, 1000 revolving pistols 25.00

June 27, 1850, 1000 revolving pistols.,. 25.00

May 26, T853, tooo revolving pistols... 24.00

January 15, 1855, 1000 belt pistols 24.00

August 1, 1855, 1050 belt pistols 24.00

December 6, 1855, 100 belt pistols 24.00

February 13. 1856, 1197 pistols 24.00

January 7, 1857, 501 belt pistols 24.00

November 21, 1857, 50r belt pistols 24.00

November 21, 1857, 101 rifles 50.00

November 21, 1857, 10000 ball cartridges 18.00 per M.

November 21, 1857, 1476 belt pistols.. 18.00

November 21, 1857, 5000 belt pistols... 18.47^

November 21, 1857, 300 rifles 42.50

April 3-October 4, 1858, 924 carbine pistols 18.47J

April 3-October 4, 1858, 80 rifles 50.00 per pair

April 3-October 4, 1858, 187400 ass'ted c'tg

March 15-Sept. 14, 1859, 62 carbines.. 35.00 (sword bayonets)

March 15-Sept. 14, 1859, no holster pistols 22» ^O March 15-Sept. 14, 1859, 4 pr. holster pistols with shoulder accoutcrmcnts at 50.00 per pair

During the World War substantial contracts were secured from the Russian government for Vickers machine guns, and by November 11, 1918, the firm had delivered to the United States:

800 Ti-mm. Vicker machine guns. 12000 Heavy Vicker machine guns. 1000 Aircraft Vickers machine guns. 9000 Browning Automatic rifles.

Conant, Hezekiah—"Of Hartford, Conn., formerly of Worcester, Mass., patented a breech-loading rifle which is reported sold for $80,000. S August, 1856/' Patent of April 1, 1856, No. 14554. (pg. 146, Vol. XII, New England Historical & Genealogical Register.)

Connecticut Arms Co.—Norfolk, Conn. Established 1864, capital $11,-000. Produced pocket revolvers, active 1869 or later. (N. E. B. D. 1868.)

Connecticut Arms & Mfg. Co.—Naubuc and Glastcnbury, Conn. Established 1863, capital $300,000. Produced Hammond rifles and active until 1869 or later.

Constable, Richard—Rifle and pistol maker of Philadelphia, Penna. Active 1838-43.

Continental Arms Co.—Norwich, Conn. Produced cartridge pepperbox, patented August 28, 1866. Active 1866-67.

Cook Brothers, Cook & Bro.—Gunsmiths and cannon founders to the Confederate,government. New Orleans prior to 1863, thence to Athens, Georgia, 1863-66 and after. ("Ordnance of the Confederacy^, Gorgas, Army Ordnance Journal, Vol. XXI, Nos. 94-

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