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Lefever was active at 78 F.. Water Street, Syracuse, New York, from 1880 until about 1892, then Lefever Arms Co. The D. M. Lefever Sons & Company are listed in directories of 1906-08 at 107 N. Franklin Street, Syracuse, N. Y. At the same time the D. M. Lefever Company operated a shop at Bowling Green. Ohio. Now the property of Ithaca Gun Co.

Lefevre, Philip—Riflemaker of Beaver Valley, Lancaster County, Pa. Active 1731-56.

Lefevre, Samuel—Riflemaker of Strasbourg Township, Lancaster County, Pa., 1770-71.

Lehman, G. F.—Riflemaker of Jerome, Union County, Ohio, 1848-54,

Leman, Henry—Born in Lancaster, Pa., March 8, 1812. At the age of 16 he entered the shop of Melchoir Fordney serving three years. From 1831 to 1834 he was a journeyman with Geo. W. Tryon of Philadelphia. Returned to T-ancaster in T834 and established at the corner of Walnut Street and Cherry Alley. During his first year he produced about 250 rifles.

Received government contract in 1837 1,000 rifles which contract remained in effect, being renewed annually, until about i860. Received Indian Department contract on February 8, 1840, for 500 northwest guns at $7.00. According to F. Schnad, a contemporary gunsmith, he enlarged his shop about 1858 but it was destroyed by fire about i860. Lehman never fully recovered from this blow which marked the end of the Lancaster gun business.

Lehman located on East James Street and continued until about 1876. Died 1887.

Leman, H. E.—Father of Henry. Gunsmith of Lancaster, Penna., ' from about 1796 to 1825. His name is sometimes given &s Lehman n.

Leman, Peter—Gunsmith of Mountjoy Township, Lancaster County, Pa., from about 1745 to 1782.

Leitner, Adam—Gunsmith of York County, Pa., 1779-83. Doubtful as to arms production.

Le Mat, Colonel Alexander—Inventor of the Le Mat revolver, patent of October 21, 1856, No. 15925; November 25, 1856, No. 16124. Le Mat, a French military and medical officer, located in New Orleans in the early 5o's. His revolver was produced in France and England prior to 1861 and used, in limited numbers, by both the North and South during the Civil War.

Lennox, Andrew—Riflemaker of Fairview, ten miles above Pittsburgh on the Allegheny River. Active 1835-38, before and after.

Leonard Family—According to Swank "the most noted in the annals of the New England iron industry."

Rev. Dr. Forbes, in referring to the Leonard family in his "Topographical Description of Raynham and its History," 1793, states "the circumstances of a family attachment to the iron manufacture is so well known as to render it a common observation in this part of the country "Where you can find iron works, there you will find a Leonard."

Leonard, A.—Saxtons River, Vermont. Gunmaker active from 1843 to about i860. During the period 1848-60 the style of the firm name was A. Leonard & Sons. J. S. Dutton of Jaffrey, N. H., entered the Leonard shop as an apprentice but was discharged because of inattention about 1851.

Leonard, C.—Gunmaker of Petersburg, Virginia. Active 1865-75, before and after.

Leonard, Charles—Son of "Quaker" Jonathan Leonard. Made 2,125 Model 1808 muskets between the years 1809 and 1812, contract of R. & C. Leonard. He was commissioned a captain of militia in 1815 and served for eight years. Left Canton, Mass., with his father in 1826.

Leonard, Eliphalet—Member of a family which was preeminent in the iron industry. Not being pleased with the quality of the metal used in the musket barrels of the colonials he began producing a better steel for firearms at Easton, Mass., in 1776. Continued for the duration of the Revolution.

Leonard, G. O.—Riflcmakcr of Kccnc, New Hampshire. Active 1859-69, before and after.

Leonard, George—Gunsmith of Shrewsbury, Mass. He was employed for a time by Allen & Thurber at Worcester, Mass. Here he probably received his idea of a pepperbox pistol which he subsequently patented in September, 1849.

Leonard, Henry—Cannon founder at Lynn, Mass., 1647. Probably the first in America.

Leonard, Jonathan—Son of Eliphalet, born 1759. He entered Harvard- from which he graduated in 1786. In 1787 he located at Easton, Mass., but quit that place for Canton in 1813. Remained at Canton until 1826 and died in Sandwich, January 26, 1845. A skilled gunsmith, he probably taught his sons their craft.

Leonard, J., Jr.—Charleston, Va. Inventor and maker of four shot, ring-trigger, percussion pepper-box. Patent of 1848, active 1848-49.

Leonard, R. & C.—Canton, Mass. Secured government contract October 29, 1808, for 2,125 muskets at $13.40 each. Deliveries were completed before October 7, 1812.

Lennard—Gunsmith of Lancaster, Pa., 1770.

Lepper, Lewis—-Riflemaker of Lancaster, Pa., T849-57.

Lescher—Gunsmith of Philadelphia, 1730.

Lether & Co.—Probably Jacob Lether or Leather of York County, Pa. Supplied a portion of the arms provided for by Act of March 8, 1797, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This act authorized the purchase of twenty thousand stand of "Musquets of a fashion and pattern of the French Charleville musquets/'

Lever Bolt Rifle Co.—New Haven, Conn. Short lived, produced rifles 1930-32.

Lewis, Colonel Isaac Newton—Inventor of the Lewis machine gun-and Lewis Range and Position Finder. Born October 12, 1858, in New Salem, Pa. Graduated from West Point in 1884 and died in Hoboken, N. J. November 10, 1931.

Lewis* Morgan E.—Made or assembled a few shotguns at Youngs-town, Ohio, 1881-83.

Lewis, Nelson—Troy, N. Y. Produced rifles, including heavy target type, double guns, etc. Active 1853, before and after.

Liddle, Robert; Liddle & Kaednig; Liddle Gun Co.—San Francisco, Calif. Robert Liddle was active from before 1857 and produced rifles and shotguns. Formed a partnership with Kaednig about 1872 which continued until superseded by Liddle Gun Company about 1889. Active 1894 or later.

Light, Peter—With David Hunter, of Berkeley County, Virginia, contracted to make 200 stands of arms at £6 Virginia currency each. This was on September 28, 1776, but no record of deliveries could be found.

Lightner, Ignatius—Gunsmith of York County, Pa. Worked on public arms, 1784-86.

M. C. Lilley Co.; Lilley-Ames Co.—Columbus, Ohio. The M. C. Lilley Company began the production of swords about 1872. About 1930 a merger was effected with the Ames Sword Company of Chicopee, Mass.

The Lilley-Ames Company is now the only sword manufactory in continuous operation in the country. Produce swords for the commissioned and non-commissioned personnel of the U. S. Marine Corps, the cadet bodies of West Point and of Annapolis. Also supply foreign military and police forces.

Lindsay Mfg. Co., J. P.—New York, N. Y. Pistol makers who pro-. duced the "Young America," patent of February 8, 1859, and October 9, 1860.

Lin», Adam Frederick—Rifle and pistol maker of Philadelphia. Active

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