Jacobs, B.—Gunmaker of Selma, Alabama, following the Civil War and until 1876.

Jacobs, Cornelius—Rifle and pistol maker, north side of Friend Street, Columbus, 1842-45 thence to Alton, Ohio until 1866.

James, Morgan—Riflemaker of Utica, N. Y. about 1820-60.

Jams, Lewis—Riflemaker of Athens, Ohio, 1849-54. A fine workman.

Jenkins Safety Catch Gun Co.—Rock Hill, S. C. Shotgun makers active 1893-94, short lived.

Jenks & Son, Alfred—See Bridgcsburg Machine Works, Phila.

Jenkinson, Bob—55 W. 42nd St., New York. Guns made to order. Formerly with Abercrombie & Fitch activc 1907 to date.

Jenks, Stephen; Jenks & Son—The elder Jenks was a Revolutionary musket maker who was active 1770 or before. In 1808 Stephen Jenks & Son, of North Providence, R. I., secured a government contract for muskets "for arming the Militia." A report dated October 7, 1812 indicates 2,300 arms had been delivered.

cf. Pg. 504, "History of American Manufactures", Bishop, rhila., 1871. Pg. 49, "Arms Fabricators/' Gardner, 1934.

Jenner, E. K.—Gunmaker of San Francisco, Calif. Exhibited a double rifle of his make at the First Industrial Exhibition of the Mechanic's Institute, 1857. He was not an exhibitor at the exposition of 1858.

Jenks, William—Of Columbia, S. C. Secured patent on Jenks' carbine May 25, 1838. The flintlock Jenk's was tried at Carlisle Barracks in 1841 and used in the service 1840-45. For the most part these arms were produced by Ames Mfg. Co., Chicopee Falls and Springfield, Mass.

Jennings, Richard—"Rifles and guns to Order" 10 Ontario St., Cleve- . land, Ohio, 1847. About 1865 moved to 1 Broadway until T870. Produced a number of heavy match rifles.

Jennings, James—Gunmaker of Fredericksburg, Va. Active following the Civil War and until 1875.

Jinney, B.—Riflemaker of Cochocton County, Ohio, 1849-54.

Johnston, Bye & Co.—Makers of "all kinds of firearms". 50 Central St., Worcester, Mass., 1873-75.

Johnson, Eric—P. O. Box, 46, Iiamden, Conn. Famous maker of match barrels, shop at 149 Helen St.

Johnson & Bro.—Gunder and Johannes Johnson. Produced rifles and shotguns at 238 Third St., Saint Paul, Minn., 1856-70.

Johnson & Co., Inc.—Isaac G. Spuyten Duyvil, N. Y. Organized 1902, produced gun forgings until 1912.

Johnson, Iver—Established 1867 at 244 Main St., Worcester, Mass., thence to Fitchburg in 1891. Active to date.

Johnson, Robert & J. N.—Gunsmith contractors to the government at Middletown, Conn., 1812 to 1855. Received the following government contracts: March 17, 1814, 2,000 muskets at $17.00; December io, 1823, 3,000 muskets at $14.50; July, 1829, 600 Hall's Breech-loaders (later changed to ordinary muskets) ; June 27, 1836, 3.000 pistols at $9.00 by June 1, 1837; March 14, 1840, 15,000 pistols at $7.50 (3,000 per annum or within five years); March 28, 1851, 10,000 pistols at $6.75.

Johnson, S.—Gunsmith of Middletown, Conn. Produced pistols dated 1843.

Johnson, William—Gunsmith of Worcester, Mass., 1787.

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