The Arms And Arms Makers Of America

Abbey & Co,, F. J.—43 South Clark St., Chicago, 111. Frederick J. Abbey and James H. Foster. Active 1871-75. Produced rifles, pistols and the Abbey & Foster breech-loading, top-fastening shotgun, patent of April 25, 1871, No. 114,081.

Abbey, George T.—Gunsmith of Chicago, 111., 1858-74. Secured patent on breech-loading shotgun, March 16, 1869, No. 87,814. Discontinued in 1874, the year of the Chicago Gun Trials in which he had entered a number of his arms.

Accelerating: Fire Arms Co.—New York City. A short-lived promotional set-up for the manufacture and sale of Azel Lyman's patent breech-loader, patent of February 3, 1857, No. 16,568.

Adams Revolving Arms Co.—New York City. A promotional set-up active during the Civil War for the sale of J. Adams (English) revolver. U. S. patents of May 3, 1853: June 3, 1856 and April 7. 1857. The arms were produced by the Massachusetts Arms Co., Chicopec Falls, Mass. Many Adams of British origin found their way into the South.

Adolph, Fred—Noted gunsmith of Genoa, New1 York and Babylon, Long Island. Active 1909 or before to date.

Adirondack Arms Co.—Plattsburg, N. Y. Short lived, purchased by Winchester Arms in 1874.

Adventure of Hibernia Furnace—Morris County, New York. Built in 1765 by Lord Stirling, Benjamin Cooper and Samuel Ford. Lord Stirling acquired sole ownership in 1771. Operated as a cannon and projectile foundry, 1776-82, (Pg. T51, "History of Iron in All Ages/' Swank, Philadelphia.)

Ager, Alexander—Gunsmith of New Rumley, Harrison County, Ohio. Born in the vicinity in 1821. Established a gun shop in 1848 and produced a number of muzzle loading rifles of fine- workmanship. General George Custer, a native of Rumley. was a frequent visitor to the Ager shop before the Civil War. Ager was active until 1886 and died in 1898. (Pg. 743, "History of Carroll and Harrison Counties/' Eckley-Perry, Chicago, 1921. Pg. 146, Hawkes & Rcdflcld's Ohio Business Directory, 1854.)

Agnew, Andrew—Listed in business directories as gunmaker of Orange, N. J., 1872-75. The writer has never encountered arms of his production nor found his name oti a sales list.

A. I. S.—See Darling. Two, four and six barrel pistols of Darling design are met with bearing the initials A. I. S.

Albert son, Douglas & Co.—Gunsmiths of New London, Conn. Active about 1840-60.

Albrecht, Andrew—Gunsmith of Warwick Township, Lancaster County, Penna., 1779-82.

Albright, Henry or Albrecht—Gunsmith of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Active during the second quarter of the eighteenth ccntury. Produced fine early Kentucky rifles.

Alden, E. B.—Gunmaker 01" Clarernont, New Hampshire, active 1863-68 before and after.

Aldenderfer, M.—Gunmaker 01 Lancaster, Penna., 1763-1817. (Metschl.)

Alger & Co.—Cyrus. See South Boston Iron Works.

Allen, C. B.—Gunsmith of Springfield, Mass., 1836-41, before and after. The Elgin "Cutlass Pistol, 1837" produced by this maker are very rare. Designed for use of the navy they were equipped with a heavy Bowie type blade.

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