All firearms must be used with strict attention to the basic rules of firearms safety, these rules are fundamental to safe and responsible firearms ownership and use. They are simple and reflect good common sense. The more you handle firearms, the more faithful you should be to these -elementary rules

1 a Before you shoot, read this manual completely. Be sure you understand the operation of the firearm you intend to shoot. Study the owner's manual carefully. Rehearse the functioning of the firearm until you are thoroughly familiar with it. There is no excuse for unsafe firearms handling.

If you are not familiar with the basics of firearms and the handling thereof, contact your local gun dealer, police department or the NRA for assistance in acquiring this training.

2. Always be sure that the firearm is unloaded until the moment you wish to shoot it, whether in the field or on the range. Upon completion of your shooting activity, unload the firearm completely by emptying and/or removing the magazine and then visually inspecting the chamber to be sure it is empty. Never take anyone's word that a firearm is empty ■ CHECK IT!

3. Never point the muzzle at anything you do not intend to shoot. Always be in control of where the muzzle is pointed, even if you happen to fall. Pointing the muzzle in a safe direction means a direction in which a discharged round won't strike the shooters or bystanders, even in the event the bullet ricochets or passes through a wall or other b&r&de. This also applies to a deliberate shot at game or target. Be sure of the backstop before firing the shot.

4. Never drink alcoholic beverages or take medication or any other mind altering substance that may impair your judgement while engaged in shooting activities. This is as criminal and dangerous as drunk driving.


.380 DOUBLE ACTION ONLY (D.A.O.) Model - This model fires every time the trigger is pulled. It takes approximately 8 pounds pressure to fire. When the trigger is pulled to the rear, the hammer goes back into a firing position and is released, firing the pistol. Never obstruct the travel position of the hammer. NEVER touch the trigger unless you want to fire the pistol. ALWAYS point this (or any other) pistol in a safe direction. This pistol has no external safeties. It will fire both WITH and WITHOUT a magazine in place. Removing the magazine does NOT unload the chambered round!


The user should never depend on the operation of a mechanism or any other device to justify careless handling or permitting the pistol to be pointed in an unsafe direction.

This is an auto loading pistol and is immediately loaded and ready to fire again after each shot until all cartridges in the magazine AND CHAMBER have been fired.

This pistol will fire both with and without the magazine in place. Removing the magazine does not unload the chamber.

WearSafe Glasses and Ear Protection at all times when otingi i

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