Prior to shipment, each ,380 D.A.O. pistol is inspected and tested to ensure that it is in proper operating condition. Should the pistol require adjustment, repair or refinishing, we recommend that the pistol be returned directly to the factory SERVICE DEPARTMENT! There is no other way to be sure that work is performed in a properly equipped and staffed facility. Failure to use the factory services will result in voiding your warranty. Except for guns still under warranty, all work will bear a net minimum charge of $15.00.

AH pistols returned are to be.sent unloaded prepaid. All collect shipments will be refused.

For best service, always enclose a cover letter with the pistol furnishing serial number, model of pistol and the nature of the problem or work desired. A statement that the pistol is "defective" is not adequate and will only result in unnecessary delays. Try to be as specific as possible.

Federal regulations control the shipment of firearms. It may be impossible for the factory to return a pistol directly to you. Check your local regulations before shipment. If this is the case, we recommend that all firearms be sent through a federally licensed dealer.

Please be sure that both the magazine and the chamber are empty before shipping. Any firearms received in a loaded condition must be reported to the federal authorities.

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