Statement Of Non Liability


This pistol is classified as a dangerous weapon and is surrendered by AMT with the understanding that the purchaser assumes all liability resulting from unsafe handling or any action that constitutes a violation of any applicable laws or regulations. AMT shall not be liable for personal injury or loss of property or life resulting from the use of this pistol under any circumstances, including intentional, reckless, negligent or accidental discharge.

Further, AMT will not be liable for any alterations to the pistol or any parts thereof. AMT will not condone or authorize any changes to be made after the pistol has left the factory. If your AMT pistol is in need of service or adjustment, follow the instructions in this manual under the section marked "SERVICE."

Please read the warnings in this manual carefully. Be sure you understand the functions of this pistol before loading and firing it. Carefully read the "SAFETY" section of this manual. Exercise safe handling of this pistol at all times.

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