Takedown For Cleaning

Before you start, be absolutely certain that the pistol is unloaded by following the unloading instruction on page 5. Never work on a loaded firearm.

It is not necessary to disassemble the .380 D.A.O. to clean and lubricate, This can be done by pulling the slide back all the way to the rear position, then run a cleaning rod with a solvent coated patch through bore and chamber, then run a clean, dry patch through until clean, Oil slide rails and outside diameter of barrel where it rides in frontof the slide.

If it becomes necessary to disassemble for cleaning the procedures are as follows —

1. Remove boit pin with a 1/8" diameter punch, pull slide back approximately 1/2" so firing pin and spring will come out of bolt, then remove bolt by inserting a brass or aluminum rod into magazine well and drive bolt out of slide.

2, Slide will come forward off of frame, no other disassembly is necessary.

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    How to clean an AMT .380 backup?
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