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Human Anatomy and Physiology premium is credited to James Ross, which help to solve some of the anatomy related issues which pose a significant challenge to the student and also young doctors. The product contains more 3000 pages with illustration and even graphics, which enhances a better understanding of the various topics in human physiology and also anatomy. It comprises of the component systems which covers many lessons. This product has been used by different practitioners and also a scholar in enhancing some better understanding of the topics in anatomy. Some of the illustrations and even graphics which are covered in the product have been researched and contain more detailed explanations which would rely upon. The product is available in the E-book, and one can download and also enjoy some bonus which would enhance some better understanding of the various topic which keeps on giving some of the problems too many people. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this manual are precise.

Purchasing this book was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

Figure Major groups

Turn the cover latch and raise the cover group Figure 2-3 . Grasp the retracting slide handle with the right hand, palm up, and pull the recoiling parts to the rear until the lug on the barrel locking spring aligns with the 3 8-inch hole in the right sideplate of the receiver just below the feedway exit . The barrel can be turned only when the lug is aligned with the 3 8-inch hole. Place the smallest loop of a caliber .50 link, or suitable spacer, between the trunnion block and...

Right Side View

M16 Receiver Drawings

Looking straight down at the top of the lower receiver compare it with drawing A . The shaded gt art on the drawing shows the metal that must be removed to make room for the M-16 auto-sear. Drawing B indicates the metal removed From the left hand side of the lower receiver must jb cut out to a depth of .950. Drawing C shows the milling cut on the right side of the lower receiver to be only .M50 deep. NOTE If. like most people, you don't have access to a milling machine, the work can be done...

M2 .50 Cal Parts Diagram Retracting Slide

Bolt Charger Stud Assembly

Cartridge stop for blank ammo is different longer than cartridge stop for live ammo. Ensure cartridge stop is changed when firing blank or live ammo. Check if front cartridge stop 1 RH feed front cartridge stop 1 LH feed is broken, tight fitting, or incorrectly assembled. Check if link stripper 2 RH feed only is broken, tight fitting, or incorrectly assembled. Check if rear cartridge stop 3 RH feed only rear cartridge stop assembly 4 LH feed only is broken, tight fitting, or incorrectly...

CZ Model Pistol

Ceska Zbrojovka Narodni Podnik

The Czech Model 27 pistol has had a short but intriguing history. During the early 1920's, the newly formed Czech army was seeking a military pistol. Around the same time the Mauser firm was experimenting with a pistol designed by Josef Nickl, who had been an assistant to Paul Mauser. The Nickl design featured a locked slide with rotating barrel, and the hammer was external. Lockwork, frame, and magazine were like that of the Mauser Model 1910 Pocket Pistol. Eventually the Czechs were licensed...

Pocket Pistol

Mauser Hsc Trigger Spring

IN 1934 Mauser modified their Model 1910 pocket pistol to spur its sale. But this was not good enough the gun could not compete with the new Walther double-action pistol series. So Mauser developed their own double- The HSc is a far cry from the early intricate and carefully machined military models. Internal parts were stamped out wherever possible, and music wire springs replaced expensive machined types. The result was a simple rugged pistol, well suited for mass production and salable at a...

Takedown Pin Diagram M16

M4a1 Receiver Pivot Pin Diagram

When used on the M16A4 rifle, the leaf sight and rail grabber assembly will be attached to slot T38 on the M5 Adapter Rail System. When used on the M4 or M4A1 carbine, the leaf sight and rail grabber assembly will be attached to slot T24 on the M4 Adapter Rail System. 25. Turn the torque knob of the assembly counterclockwise until it stops turning. Place the assembly on the upper rail and insure the recoil lug is seated in the correct slot. The torque knob should be to the left of the carbine...

Gauge Parts List

Over Under Shotgun Parts

Part Name Retail Price tOU-3-AS-A 'Barrel Assembly, Non Choke Model, 26 426.25 tOU-3-AS-B Barrel Assembly, Non Choke Model 28 426.25 OU00338 Barrel Assembly 26, Chokes Not Included 500.00 tOU X 339 Barrel Assembly 28, Chokes Not Included 500.00 KOU-49 Blocking Bar 1.75 OU-36 Blocking Bar Retaining Pin .75 OU-34 Cocking Cam Pivot Pin .50 OU-45 Cocking Cam Sleeve 2 .50 each OU-44 Cocking Cam Spring 2 .50 each KOU-15L Cocking Cam. Left 2.75 KOU-15R Cocking Cam, Right 2.75 OU-14 Cocking...

Timer Pin Hole

Inside Rifle

Replacing the timer assembly. FIGURE 48. Replacing the magazine latch assembly. e Cock the hammer, place the selector lever on S safe , and replace the timer assembly in the trigger housing group as shown In figure 47, and insert the timer pin from left to right. f Replace the magazine latch assembly as shown in figure 48, and insert the magazine latch pin from left to right. g Align the trigger pins, and push the extending edge of the lock plate to the rear. The front edge of the...

Air Lite Sc Revolvers

Smith And Wesson Small Frame Revolvers

By incorporating super-strong space-age aluminum scandium alloy into the frames of these small and medium frame titanium-cylinder models, Smith amp Wesson offers the lightest and strongest .357 Magnum revolvers available. .357 Magnum .38 S amp W Special P SKU 163061 .357 Magnum .38 S amp W Special P SKU 163067 Chiefs Special Frame Exposed Hammer

Building Lightning

Lightning Link Dimensions

The drawings show the shape and give the dimensions for a Lightning Link that fits in the Colttm AR-15. If it's to fit in an after market lower receiver it may be necessary to change the outside dimensions. Either way. all that's really important is that it fits inside the receiver and can move back and forth about 1 16 inch. When building the Lightning Link without a milling machine I find the simpliest way is to cut the long piece to length and width. Next center Dunch and drill a l B inch...

M2 Browning Cover Top Plate

Cal Cover Group

Removing the cover extractor spring. Figure 6 . Replacing the cover latch spring. Figure 6 . Replacing the cover latch spring. 2. Slowly release pressure, and remove the belt feed pawl and arm fig 58 . 3. Disengage the belt feed pawl arm from the belt feed pawl fig 59 . U- Remove the belt feed pawl spring, e Cover latch spring. Pry the hooked end of the spring out of its groove in the cover, and shift it to the left until it rests on the cover extractor spring. Press down on the...

Sig Sg 551 Parts Diagram

Picture The Firing Pin Sig P290

Press in the retention plug of the magazine floorplate with the thick end of the firing pin. Pull the magazine floorplate out from the rear Pull out the floorplate catch along with the spring and follower. The weapon should always be reassembled in the reverse order of stripping Slip the firing pin into the bolt head. Ensure that the notch is correctly placed to accept the retention stud Push the firing pin into the bolt head an secure it with the retention stud as soon as the notch is flush...

Sear Open Bolt

Homemade M16 Trigger Blueprints

THIS PART IS MADE TROM .125-INCH-THICKNESS, IEAT-TRCATAGLE STCCL. T SHOULD BE MADE SLIGHTLY OVERSIZE AND FITT 0 DURING ASSEMBLY. PIVOT PIN HOi F IS .087 IN DIAMETER. Full automatic lire is achieved by pulling the Lrigger farther to the rear, against the pressure exerted by the U-shaped wire spring located at the rear of the trigger. This causes the forward end dI the trigger to contact a projection loeated on the lower end of the scar, which, if the I rigger is held back, holds the sear out of...

Open Bolt

Homemade Open Bolt Pistol

The open-bolt version should be cut to length with both ends squared. A boh nose is turned on one end if the holt body. Iliis should extend 1 50 inch forward from the bolt body proper and have an outside diameter of .550 inch if used as a 9xiun. The .45 version should be .650 inch. A counterbore slightly larger than the cartridge head is cut .100 inch deep. This should have an inside diameter of .400 inch for the 9mm or 480 inch for the .45. In the center of this, a fixed firing pin. 060 inch...

Before firing

Smith Wesson Blueprint

The safety lever put on position EM single fire. At single fire the trigger lever 41 11 In connection with its oblong hole 43 1 , the safety pin 41 7 , the elbow spring with roller 41 10 , the catch for single fire 42 3 and the catch for trigger lever 42 4 as disconnector comes into action. Fig. 42 Functioning position of trigger parte at position E single fire Fig. 42 Functioning position of trigger parte at position E single fire The trigger lever with its oblong hole can be shifted about 1.5...

Pump Action Shotgun Internal Assembly

Shotgun Inside

OGIVE PLUNGER ASSEMBLY SEE NEXT PAGE OGIVE PLUNGER ASSEMBLY SEE NEXT PAGE 2. Sand and Dust. Brush a generous coat of lubricant on all critical points shown in the illustration. Upon assembly, pack more lubricant into the following areas a. Between the round positioning block 1 and forward receiver wall. b. Between the alignment guide assembly 2 and forward receiver wall. d. Under the charger handle locks and between the charger housing and receiver 4 . f. Inside the sear assembly, under the...


1885 Maynard Breech Loader

The Savage Arms Corporation, of Utica, N. Y. was the development in 1917 of the Savage Arms Company which was organized in 1893 to manufacture a type of hammerless, solid breech, revolving box magazine rifle designed by Arthur Savage, Superintendent of the Utica Street Railway, to handle the .303 Savage cartridge. The cartridge was a smokeless powder one with a jacketed bullet in power it was greater than the popular .30-30, and approached that of the newr U. S. military cartridge. The Savage...

Ordering Parts

Ruger Parts

Please contact the New Hampshire Product Service Department for parts availability and current prices. All parts ordered for the RUGER MODEL 10 22 MAGNUM should be sent to Sturm, Ruger amp Co., Inc., Product Service Department, 411 Sunapee Street, Newport, New Hampshire 03773, 603865-2442. We cannot comply with open account or C.O.D. orders. Payment in the form of a check, money order, Visa or Mastercard must accompany your order. Credit Card orders must include the account number, expiration...

Phase I Reflexive Fire Training

Reflexive Fire Target

Reflexive fire training provides the fundamental skills required to conduct short-range marksmanship. It involves the practical application of all four of the fundamentals of SRM. All soldiers must receive a go on the task Conduct Reflexive Firing, before proceeding with training. Reflexive firing should be conducted as refresher training as often as possible to insure that soldier's skills are always at the highest possible level. This is a perishable skill that must be constantly reinforced....


Lower Drawing Dimensions

Por years many of us used Stcn magazines in our experimental assault-type firearms, mainly because they were plentiful and cheap. Apparently they are still plentiful, although the price has gone up. While the existing magazines should probably be used as long as they are available, mainly to save labor, an alternate source of supply should be kepi in mind. This means making them yourself. Although I have, detailed a method for making them in other books, a different method, which is somewhat...

Chemistry and fingerprints

Physical Developer Fingerprints

A variety of chemical reagents may be used to develop or enhance latent or partially visible prints. It is also possible to use various dyes or powders to make the prints visible to the unaided eye or to set the stage for producing fluorescence under certain wavelengths of light with lasers or forensic light sources. Because the chemical properties of latent fingerprints, if any, are unknown, the forensic fingerprint examiner must select the appropriate development method based on the...


9mm Pistol Parts

There are four 4 distinct steps in the functioning of the H amp K Pistol P7M13. They are as follows. 4.1.1 First Step Weapon Loaded and Uncocked. When the H amp K Pistol P7M13 is loaded with a magazine and a round is seated in its chamber, the weapon is in the first step of its functioning. Its various parts are in the positions depicted in Figures 12 and 13. The pistol's slide is closed with the face touching the base of the cartridge seated in the weapon's chamber, but the pistol...

HKSelbsllndepistole USP Variante

Usp Recoil Spring Lock Washer

Austauschtet zu Variante 9, SA DA, SicheruncjsfliKjel links, ohne Enlspannfunklion JftL Postfach 1329 Tl D - 78722 Obcrndoif 1. Start with the hammer cocked. 2. Decock using the control lever. 3. Pull the trigger double action. 5. Work the slide with the safety -On 6. Check the safety by attempting to fire. 8. Pull the trigger single action. 9. Hold the trigger to the rear 10. Work the slide, hammer should stay to the rear. 11. Release the trigger and pull through single action. 13. Pull slide...

The Browning Aboltii Rifle

Schematic is provided for parts identification only and should not be used as a guide to assemble he rifle. IMPORTANT When ordering parts, list code number, part name, caliber, model and serial number. Do not order parts using key numbers. CAUTION Browning parts are made exclusively for Browning guns and should not l gt e used in other guns even though models may be similar. Inadequately fitted parts may be dangerous. Parts List Browning A-Bolt II Rifle This parts list refers 10 the Browning...

Hijos De A. Echevarria Eibar Spain

Pistolet Vesta

ITj TTTi T 111 f 11 liTlntTlii rTitm5 iT Tii lti TitiTlittiliiTiltiiilii ITIil No. 385 7.65 mm. Sauer Mod. 38 H War production J. P. Sauer u. Sohn Suhl, Germany No. 460423 1111 'J' I1 l'l11''111 gt J't'lM ' ' I' I1 Mj'l' 1 l i J '''' '1 ' ''J' '''''1 1 No. 386 7.65 mm. Sauer Mod. 38 H J. P. Sauer u. Sohn Suhl, Germany No. 504519 No. 386 7.65 mm. Sauer Mod. 38 H J. P. Sauer u. Sohn Suhl, Germany No. 504519 I I I j I I' I I L,lml,mli l l ,7 ,M,V. I I'' I ' . I r gt gt 1iii iii I gt lt 1i i 1 gt...

Smith Wesson

Smith Wesson Double Action Diagram

I . S. A. I hi , schematic dingram and parts list conform lo the current specifications provided hy our Engineering I merit From time tit time improve tne'nts are made in .ill our models, l or this reason, the gun whteli you own may not correspond exactly with he information provided on this sheet When requesting information or ordering fans tor youi gun, please provide the serial number and approximate date of purchase 11-74 I hi , schematic dingram...

Exploded View Parts List

Stainless Barrel 9mm

Fixed Rear Sight 3-Dot Extra Power Firing Pin Spring 9mm Titanium Firing Pin .45 Extractor Firing Pin Stop .45 Barrel Stainless Barrel Link Pin Barrel Link ILS Mainspring Housing ILS Locking Bolt Mainspring Retainer Mainspring 28 lb. ILS Mainspring Cap ILS Plunger ILS Plunger Spring

How To Use This Manual

M16 Rifle Upper Receiver Diagram

In order to use this manual efficiently, there are several things you need to know 1. All references in the manual are to pages only. 2. Illustrations forthe maintenance procedures show only those parts affected by the operation being performed. 3. Whenever the male gender is mentioned in the manual i.e., crewman, repairman , it also pertains to females. This manual is organized to help you find the information you need quickly. There are several useful indexes. 1. Front Cover Index. Lists the...

Parts Of Rifle Cal 5.56mm M16a1

Rifle barrel assembly is air-cooled, contains flash suppressor and front sight assembly, and holds the two hand guards and the sling swivel. Upper receiver cont ns rear sight, ejection port, ejection port cover, and a housing for the bolt carrier and bolt assembly. A forward assist assembly is used on the M16A1 weapon. LOWER RECEIVER AND EXTENSION ASSEMBLY. Lower receiver contains the trigger assembly, sear, hammer assembly, selector lever, rifle grip, bolt...

Tip Up Barrel Latch

Pistola Pietro Beretta Modelo 950

Made by the Italian arms firm of Pietro Beretta, the Model 950B Jetfire cal. .25 ACP semi-automatic vest pocket pistol is a slightly modified version of the Beretta Model 950 pistol introduced after World War II. A similar Beretta pistol, designated Minx, is chambered for the .22 short rimfire cartridge. Except for mechanical changes necessitated by differences in caliber, disassembly and assembly procedures for the Jetfire and Minx pistols are identical. The barrel of the Model 950B pistol is...

Parts List

Ruger Mk77 Diagram

Design, prices and specifications subject to change without notice. SPECIFY MODEL AND CALIBER WHEN ORDERING See Exploded Views on Pages 38 - 41 Bolt Stop Plunger Spring Retaining Pin Bolt Stop Plunger Spring Retaining Pin Bolt Stop Stud Screw - Stainless Models Standard, Ultra Light, Left-handed, Express, Magnum, International, Compact Ultra Light, Left-handed, Sporter, Compact All Blued Models All Stainless Models Standard, Ultra Light, Express, Magnum, International, Compact All Blued Models...

Ruger Red Label Overandunder Shotguns

Ruger Red Label Stainless Steel

Superior performance backed by years of experience For over 25 years, Ruger has been producing high quality over-and-under shotguns that offer the unique combination of classic beauty and legendary Ruger reliability. Since the Red Label's introduction, a wide range of models has been added to meet the unique needs of game hunters and competition shooters alike. So, whether you hunt mallards, flush quail, or compete at skeet or sporting clays, there's a Ruger shotgun designed for your specific...

Pistol Automatic Cal 6.35 Spain

Cal Automatic Pistol Spain

Ill tjiiulllllll 1 l7f IK t iii M If i Itlll iTlllllillMlttfifilri No. 72 6.35 mm. Astra Mod. 1924 Esperanza y Unceta Guernica, Spain No. 270689 No. 72 6.35 mm. Astra Mod. 1924 Esperanza y Unceta Guernica, Spain No. 270689 m j n 111 i lt 111 i n lt i i. t gt m n i n m m ' n 11 n 111 i ij i .i 'j' 111' n ' m i ij 11' i' i' 111 gt i' n 11 n i 1., , 1,, m 1. nT T.TTUThm 1 n,. I f Unceta y Cia. Name changed in 1926 . Guernica, Spain No. 65280 r r tft 1111 h i tfl n I 111 fTJ 11 ii m i i i I i i iTH...

Makarov Chamber Info

Hammer Spring For 9mm

I Original footnote Hereafter referred to as pistol. Note that the caliber refers to the 9mm Makarov caliber 9x18 Makarov and NOT the NATO 9mm, also called 9mm Parabellum, 9mm Luger, and 9x19. The latter caliber should never be fired from a Makarov pistol chambcred in the original 9mm Makarov. For more detailed information, see http mak maklaq.himl II Original footnote Hereafter rei'err-ad to as cartridges. Caliber 9 mm' Number of barrel riflings 0 Note that the caliber refers to the...

Browning Bt 99 Plus Parts

Savage Model Schematic

NEVER TIGHTEN THE SET SCREW DIRECTLY ONTO THE THREADS, AS THIS WILL DAMAGE YOUR GUN. When properly adjusted, the set screw will align perfectly with the proper groove. Several extra set screws are provided. Do not insert them into the recoil pad plate holes at the same time. Only one set screw should be installed at any given time. 'Hie procedures for adjusting cant and pull are outlined below. authorized Browning Service Center or send it to our facility in Arnold, Missouri. Length of pull is...

Figure E Slow fire silhouette target

M16a2 Rifle Trajectory

Nine rounds from a supported fighting position and nine rounds from a prone unsupported position. Placement of all 18 bullets also indicates that the firer's rifle zero may be too far to the right. With a better firing performance, sight adjustments can be made while using this target. The analysis procedures used on the zeroing target may be applied to shot groups on these silhouette targets. The shot-group center on each target indicates aiming techniques. The comparison between the targets...

Remington Nylon Rifle

Remington Nylon Apache Black Chrome

HART Text By LUDWIG OLSON Introduction of the Remington Nylon 66 cal. .22 semi-automatic rifle in 1959 heralded a new concept in firearms. Featuring a one-piece stock, receiver, and fore-end produced from structural nylon, this unusual blowback-operated rifle was designed by a team of Remington engineers headed by Wayne E. Leek. The designation Nylon 66 was taken from the name of the high-strength DuPont nylon selected for the rifle. Chambered for .22 long-rifle...

Colt Automatic Pistol

Colt Automatic Calibre Disassembly

Text by LUDWIG OLSON Colt's of Hartford. Conn., is among the world's leading suppliers of .25 ACP pocket automatic pistols. Their first pistol of this type was developed by John M. Browning, the famous U.S. arms designer, and introduced in 1908. Approximately 500,000 of this excellent blowback-operated arm were produced. This pistol was discontinued in 1946. and Colt's did not re-enter the .25 ACP pocket pistol field until 1958 when they introduced the Junior...

MAB pistols

The M.A.B. automatic pistols, made by Manufacture d'Armes Automatiques of Bayonne, France, are patterned after the Browning models. They are well made and are quite popular in the U.S. Production began in 1921, and up to and including World War II pistols were made in 6.25, 7.65, and 9 mm. Short ACP calibers. Following the war a .22 caliber model was brought out and some larger-caliber models were also added. For a considerable period during World War II the plant was operated under the...

Model Revolver

Revolver Mechanism

Introduced in 1961, the Iver Johnson Model 50 Sidewinder cal. .22 long rifle revolver was designed for informal target shooting. A solid-frame double-action revolver, the Model 50 features rod ejection, a hinged loading gate, and a western-style walnut grip. Barrel length is 6. Sights are fixed. The S-shot capacity cylinder has counter-bored chambers to enclose the cartridge heads. A flash shield on the front of the cylinder diverts powder gases forward and away from the shooter. The trigger...

Winchester Model Rifle

Percussion Derringer Blueprints

In 1925, Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, Conn., announced production of the Winchester Model 54 bolt-action rifle chambered for the revolutionary cal. .270 WCF cartridge. Both rifle and cartridge were immediately successful. The action design of the Model 54 was basically that of the Mauser 98. It had a one-piece bolt with dual front locking lugs, cock-on-opening action, and a Mauser-type staggered-column, integral box-magazine. The Model 54 was made in several grades and chamberings,...

Dreyse pistols

Shotgun Diagram

The Dreyse pistols were designed by Louis Schmeisser, a designer-engineer in the employ of the Sommerda Division of the Rheinische Metallwaren u. Maschinenfabrik. This firm, originally bearing the name Nikolaus von Dreyse, was organized to manufacture a breech-loading arm invented by von Dreyse and adopted for German military use in 1841. Von Dreyse, the son of a master locksmith, was born in Sommerda in 1787 and died in 1867. For his distinguished services to his country he was made a...

Bernardelli Model Pistol

Bernardelli Mod

Illustrations By DENNIS RIORDAN Text By LUDWIG OLSON Produced by the well-known firm of Vincenzo Bernardelli in Gardone V.T., Italy, the Bernardelli Model 60 semi-automatic pistol is designed for informal target shooting and self defense. This modern blowback-operated arm was introduced in 1959. It is made in .22 long rifle and .32 ACP calibers and was also formerly offered in cal. .380 ACP. The Model 60 is handsome and of simple construction. It has a V i barrel attached rigidly to a...

Barreldistance yd

Weaver Stance

Weaver-stance for distance up to 50 yds. Stoppages are almost invariably caused by the ammunition or its maintenance condition. Irregular or very short ejection indicates underpowered cartridges. Unreliable feeding indicates damaged magazine lips or unsuitably shaped bullets. You should also avoid unnecessary dry fire, which causes the bolt face and or the firing pin to be damaged. Remove misfired or jammed cartridge Place the firearm on safe If any of the above problems are not solved by...

Dropped Position

Rifle Scope Schematic

In order to move the hammer from full ccx'k to the dropped position, the trigger must be depressed during the entire forward travel of the hammer. Note that WHEN THE TRIGGER IS DEPRESSED, THE HALF COCK NOTCH WILL NOT CATCH THE HAMMER IF IT SHOULD ACCIDENTALLY SLIP DURING THIS OPERATION. Therefore, a wise practice to follow is to place the point of the thumb in the V between the hammer and the firing pin so that it can act as a cushion against accidental hammer fall see Figure 6 . The thumb can...

Mec 650 Reloader Problems With Primer

Brass Crimp Starter Mec 9000

When you pull the trigger, the hammer falls on the firing pin. denting the primer cup. This causes the component in the primer to detonate, igniting the main powder charge. Different primers have different characteristics depending on their purpose. Use only the primer that is recommended by the component manufacturer for the hull, powder, wad, and shot load you are using. To make reloading safe, all it takes is common sense and the ability to read and follow the...


Anschutz Trigger

Your ANSCHUTZ target rifle offers you a versatility of individual adjusting properties. Please make sure that your rifle always is unloaded when carrying out adjustments. Adjust the trigger weight with set screw No. 2 if you turn it to the right trigger weight is increased if you turn it to the left trigger weight is decreased - Trigger weight and first stage weight depend on each other with regard to the mechanic mechanism. If one of them is changed there will always be a corresponding change...

Maadigriffin Cal Rifle Plans

Maadi Cal Kit

Written, Published and Totally Owned by JNS Supply Company Under Federal Copyright Laws no portion of this publication may be copied or reproduced in any form whatsoever without written permission from JNS Supply Company. Copies of this publication are sold and distributed for information purposes only. JNS Supply Company 2812 North 34 Place Mesa, Arizona 85213-9724 Introduction Tool amp Machinery List Field Pans Trigger Bar Handle Receiver Bolt Receiver Sluoud Barrel Barrel Locking Ring amp...

Ruger Mark Iii Exploded View

Note B The Bolt Stop components in this group are for holding open the bolt and are not functionally related to the Bolt Stop Pin and Bolt Stop Pin Pivot. These two later components are attached to the Mainspring Housing Assembly Key No. 51 Part No. AP00903-100 . See parts drawing below for relationship of parts. are not adaptable to Standard Models. are not adaptable to Standard Models.

Troubleshooting Causes And Remedies

Wooden Ball For Gun Bolt For Cz550

If your firearm is properly used and maintained, malfunctions will rarely occur. However, if such a situation does occur please observe the following instructions. CAUTION - if a malfunction occurs, the possibility of an unintentional discharge is substantially increased. For this reason, when clearing malfunctions, observe the Safety Instructions already mentioned above. Keep the rifle pointed in a safe direction, do not turn the rifle against your body or anyone else's. Do not place your...

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