Anschutz 1907 For Sale

Trigger Mossberg 695

When you order trigger parts please indicate the order number, type of rifle model together with the trigger model number. For left hand versions please add "L"

L_= Left hand version

D_= Single-stage trigger

D-RT = Running target

Silh._= Silhouette_

Z_= "Zimmerstutzen"

MS = Silhouette

Dry firing device

The length of the spring-supported firing pin is adjusted so that it definitely ignites the cartridges. If there is no cartridge or cartridge case in the chamber, the firing pin as well as the rim of the chamber may be damaged when dryfiring for a longer period. In order to prevent any possible damage use either a cartridge case (after about 5 practice shots insert a different case) or preferably the training firing pin 1 807T-12. With this device you can practice under competition conditions without having to use ammunition. The procedure for changing the firing pin is described in the chapter „To disassemble and reassemble the bolt". Do not forget to exchange the training firing pin for the original one for live firing.

Cleaning, maintenance, care, lubrication

Even after considerable use, your ANSCHUTZ small bore match rifle will not require much attention - a tribute to its solid design, first class materials, well proven ANSCHUTZ workmanship and precision. If you follow the recommendations below, you will help maintain the excellent performance of your rifle for a long time.

Regular care after every shooting:

• Please only use resin and acid free oils.

• Remove any residues from the barrel. Clean with a lint-free cloth or pull cleaning cords several times through the barrel from chamber to muzzle to remove deposits. Subsequently pull a slightly oiled, lint-free cloth or cleaning cords through the barrel to avoid corrosion.

• Clean the bolt with a slightly oiled cloth. •Make sure that the metal parts of your rifle are protected against corrosion by a slight oil film.

• Remove the oil film with a dry cloth or cleaning cords before you shoot again.

Careful cleaning:

New rifles up to 10,000 shots in 1,000 shot intervals, subsequently in 5,000 shot intervals at least.

•Use oil to clean the barrel and push a brass brush from the chamber to the muzzle. Never move the brush back and forth in the barrel. Only clean in shooting direction. Remove the brush outside of the muzzle and carefully pull the rod back through the barrel.

• Then pull cleaning cords in dry condition through the barrel until the last one shows no considerable dirt.

• Before shooting the next time fire 5 shots to get back to the former shooting performance.

• Clean external parts with a slightly oiled cloth.

Maintenance of the trigger:

• Lubricate the bearings slightly with cold resistant molybdenum disulphide grease once a year.

•Spot a small amount of oil into the bearing parts using a needle.

• The internal parts should not be washed with spray or oil to avoid resin or other residues in the trigger.


When cleaning the rifle no dirt, residues of solvents, grease or non-suitable oils must get into the trigger mechanism. We there-

fore recommend either to use our cleaning rod guide or to clean your gun in a way that it is horizontal or even with the stock up to avoid any contamination of the trigger mechanism.

Protect your rifle against dust, sand, humidity, heat and other harmful influences. Vacuum clean your gun case or soft gun case once a month to remove dust and lint. Gun cases and soft gun cases should have a smooth and dust rejecting inner lining. Be aware that condensed water might occur as a result of temperature variations. In such a case it has to be removed at once. Leave your gun case or soft gun case open when you store them at home so that possible humidity can escape. Adding a humidity absorber reduces the development of humidity. Be aware of other possible changes or damage. In such a case take your rifle to an authorized gunsmith for checking or send it to our factory. To reduce the risk of damage in transit, we recommend the disassembly of the barreled action from the stock.


Please ask for our catalogue.


A warranty of 2 years will be issued. Parts which are subjected to wear are not part of this warranty. In the case of warranty we substitute the defective parts free of charge. Cases of warranty will only be accepted if the article in question and the corresponding purchase receipt plus filled-in warranty card are presented.

Warranty will not be accepted if changes or repair works have been carried out by persons who are not authorised, if the rifle is not used correctly or if non-ANSCHUTZ original parts were used.

We wish you much pleasure and success with your ANSCHUTZ product and would be pleased if you could let us have your ideas on our products and the design of this instruction leaflet.


Product specifications, design and model changes are subject to change without prior notice. Dimensions and colors are subject to change. With reservation of misprints and errors. Goods are subject to prior sale. Delivery subject to the presentation of the referring license for the purchase of firearms.

ANSCHUTZ, the ANSCHUTZ logo and the ANSCHUTZ logo in connection with the slogan „Die Meister Macher" (also in modified spelling) are protected brands of J.G. ANSCHUTZ GmbH & Co. KG, Ulm, Germany. The unauthorized use of this brand name is not allowed and punishable.

All rights of this instruction leaflet reserved. The use of the instruction leaflet, also in excerpts, is not allowed without the permission of J.G. ANSCHUTZ GmbH & Co. KG and otherwise is punishable. This is especially applicable for unauthorized copying, translations and read-ins in electronic systems.

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