Anschutz 1827 Fortner

To remove the Fortner bolt

•Pull back the thumb spring (22) a little and turn it to the right until the groove is in line with the breech wedge (24).

•Remove the breech wedge by pulling it backwards.

•Pull back the bolt handle (15) and hold it under tension. By holding the bolt handle the locking balls (12) are free of load.

•Remove bolt by pulling it backwards.

To disassemble the Fortner bolt

A Attention:

This should only be done by an authorized expert!

•Screw off screwed conduit sleeve until it is possible to separate front and rear part. Do not warp the two bolt parts opposite to each other.

•Remove spring support and firing pin spring.

•Remove retaining collar with safety pin by pulling it upwards.

•Pull bolt clamping sleeve out of the rear bolt part. To do this you have to overcome a considerable resistance.

•Press out the locking balls (12) to the inside.

•Press plunger out of the bolt clamping sleeve.

•Remove driving pin out of the bolt clamping sleeve by pulling it upwards.

Fortner Bolt

•Remove firing pin by pulling it backwards.

•Screw off thumb spring (22). •Pull nut plate and spring for thumb spring out of lateral groove.

To reassemble the Fortner bolt

The bolt is reassembled in reverse sequence. The following points have to be

Anschutz 1827

grease them a little they will not fall out).

•To reassemble the bolt parts attach the screwed conduit sleeve with its teeth opposite to the direction of fire to the rear bolt part thus connecting it to the chamber.

•The screwed conduit sleeve has two opposing threads each of which is connected to the referring bolt part. Tighten screwed conduit sleeve manually until it is no longer possible to turn the chamber.

•The tip of the firing pin must protrude over the action face of the chamber.

To insert the Fortner bolt

The Fortner bolt is inserted into the receiver in reverse sequence of the removal.

considered. (Note: the sequence and position of the parts can be seen from the drawing)

•When the thumb spring is screwed in (approx. 4 turns) make sure that the nut plate is vertical to the set screw. •Before assembling the rear bolt part and the bolt clamping sleeve insert the balls into the rear bolt part from inside (If you

1827 Ansch Bolt Lock

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