Anschutz Modell 54 Sight Adjustment

2 Index

3 Decodes of Labor

5 Match Triggers

6 How to disassemble the Bolt How the Reassemble the Bolt Anschutz Micro Sight with scale Adjusting the Micro Sight

Zero Setting of the Special Micro Sight

11 Anschutz Microsight and adjustment

12 Accessories

13 Front Sight and Extension

14 Two Rifles using one stock

15 Small Bore Rifle Care

16 Zimmerstutzen Care

17 Anschutz Motch Air Rifle

18 Spare Parts List for Mod. 54 The Anschutz Action Mod. 54

20 Notes

25 Anschutz Rifles and their Success

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  • berengario
    How to reassemble a sako rifle bolt?
    9 years ago
  • makda abaalom
    What are sight adjustments on an anchutz?
    2 years ago

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