Zero Setting of the Micro Sight

At normal weather — wind and light condition-target in your Anschutz at Dead Center.

Then proceed as follows:

A) Loosen up the 2 retaining screws of the two indicators, set the windage indicator exactly on the centerline marking and the elevation indicator exactly at the distance (For Example if it is 50 Meters on 50) and tighten the lock screws.

B) There is underneath the Knurled Knobs for elevation and windage a lock screw to be opened up sufficiently to allow the lifting of both Knurled Knobs to be turned without click, easy setting.

C) Turn so that the number "0" (Zero) is visible in the direction of the shooter, allow Knob to drop back.

D) Tighten up both lock screws.

Now your Micro Sight is zeroed in for Normal shooting range.


No. 6700

Anschutz Micro sight No. 6700 adjustment. The No. 6700 is a precision instrument of fine quality.

1) Elevation the adjustment knob has stops. From stop to stop there is at 50 meter 2,5 m/m and at 100 meter 5 m/m elevation difference.

2) Windage is controlled by two Knurled set screws working as a team. This eliminates any change of the sight setting not wanted. These two set screws have 6 surfaces. From surface to surface are to be figured a change of 2,5 m/m for 50 meters distance ond 5 m/m for 100 meters. In between setting can be made as found necessary as there are no clicks. If the rifle shoots to the right, release left screw ond tighten up the right side screw and the same reversed procedure if rifle shoots to the left.

Rubber disc No. 6700-20

Qrthocolor Yellow Lens No. 7860

Front Sights Post Type No, 6522-5

Front Sights Aperture Type No. 6522-3

ore ovoilobie in various apertures. The mosl popular are 1,1 and 1,2 m/m and are alwoys in stock. Other sizes on special order. The small aperture is for strong sunlight and larger one for poor light.

fits on to the peep sight steel disc. 11 has o grooved protection tube which the shooter is able to cut off groove by groove depending the length required. In the inside a optical lens or a yellow sunfilter may be set.

may be used in light or dark g!ass, if there is a blue sky or haze the target will show up much clearer. The yellow light filter can be put in place by using o clean piece of linen or soft leather.

has two types of interchangeable inserts one with a square post and one with a round aperture. The post type may be had in 5 different sizes 1,7, 2,0, 2,3, 2,6 ond 3,4 m/m width. The round aperture sight con be furnished in sizes 1,7 to 5,5 m/m eoch 0,1 m/m more in size. However, experience has proved thot such round apertures with a small hole are bod for the eye and do cause errors in Shooting. For this reason For 50 meters at the International Small Bore Target a round aperture should not be smaller than 3,5 m/m and for 100 meters 2,9 m/m.

The design of Ihe Globe front sight serves as a front sight protector as well as a light control and the insert can be changed by releasing the lock screw. If the light is very strong two cylindrical extensions can be attached os illustrated. (Order No. 6525/26).

The Anschulz Spirit-Level

The ANSCHUTZ Spirit-level {for Front Sight 6522-1) enables the shooter to correct immediately hts position before firing eoch single round.

The ANSCHUTZ Spirit-level is inserted into the Globe Foresight and con be easily turned in such a manner that when aiming with the rtfle in a comfortable position the bubble of the spirit-level equalizes above the pointer. In this position the spirit-level is set by means of a careful turn of the screw "A" clockwise.

The Anschuti Iris gives you 8 different apertures 0,8—l,7m/m which gives you the facility to shoot under any light condition. You don't need to carry any further various discs as the Iris opens like a camera shutter and is always perfectly round due to its unique construction.

The Anschuti Sling Strap for the Shooter so important may be had for right hand or heft hand. Through the setting of the loop which is covered with special rubber a firm grip of the arm sling is assured and makes it easy to make any further correction instantly and without any difficulty. Specially desirable for prone and in knee position shooting.

Globe Front Sight No. 6522-1

Anti-Glare Tubes No. 6525/26

Anschutz Cary Straps

Spirit-Level No. 6530

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