Cutting Out The Rifling Grooves

Note: Grooves need to be as accurate as you can get them, but read the following carefully! I have discovered these facts through personal experiences, trials and tribulations.

Use sandbags, piles of towels or shop rags to hold the cylinder and prevent it from rotating whilst chiseling.

Groove Width: With the groove lines marked at 5/16" wide, use a 1" chiselto cut along the lines you drew onto the rifling cylinder. Use 1/4" chisel if you find that the wood tears and chips easily or you encounter knots. Chisel as close to the lines as you can. Most wood chisels will cause the groove to actually widen as you follow the lines. This is good, because the groove must be slightly wider (closer to 3/8" when finished) to allow the 5/16" gauge to pass unhindered the length of the entire groove. (See step 8 - Groove Width Gauge)

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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