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hammer auto sear selector

Auto Sear Conversion For The Ar15

disconnector hammer selector auto sear disconnector

Comparing the M-16 parts on this page to the AR-15 parts on page ID, the differences become readily apparent.

The M-16 carrier has not had the lower sear contact lip machined short... The hammer for the M-16 has an extended spur, with a notch cut into it... The only difference in the triggers is the M-16 one hBs been machined through the rear wall... An M-IB disconnector has a long tail... The M-16 selector switch has a third detent position for full-auto, a earning surface for the disconnector and a machined area for the auto-sear tail.

Zeroing M16


Numerous M~1B parts eats have been sold with an M-10 selector switch thst has been altered. If Che selector switch you have has had the cam but Face removed as shown in the drawing marked modified. it will not work as a full-auto selector. The selector must be unaltered as shown in Drawing F.

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    How to convert bolt carrier?
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    How to change an ar15 bolt carrier to an m16 bolt carrier?
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