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M16 Assembly

It will be necHssary to disassemble the AR-15 bolt carrier. The parts will be reassembled in the M-16 carrier.

Step 1 Remove the firing pin, retaining pin Cpart I) from the carrier.

Step 2 Let the firing pin (part 2) drop out the rear of the bolt and carrier.

Step 3 Remove the key Cpart 3] from the top of the bolt carrier. Note the two alien head key screws will be staked in place. Step 4 Pull the bolt cam pin (part 3-A) out the top of the carrier.

Step 5 Pull the bolt out the front of the bolt carrier, it is not necessary to disassemble parts

Reassemble in the M-16 bolt carrier in reverse order. NOTE... The two alien head key screws are B X 32 X 1/4 inch, if you should need to replace them.

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