Puttin it all together

Reassembly of the lower receiver is next.

For the parts needed to convert the AR-15 to M-16 configuration, other than the M-16 auto-sear jarts, refer to drawings page 13. numbers 1. sear spring, 2. sear pin, 3. sear bushing, and 4. sear tody [parts 1« 3. and 4 are normally assembled when you purchase them] are M-16 hammer, lisconnector, trigger, selector switch, and bolt carrier, shown on page 11.

The AR-15 parts and their M-16 counterparts are shown on pages 10 and 11. Jtep 1 Install the M-16 Selector.

•tep 2 Install the selector detent, detent spring, and pistol grip.

Step 3 Install the assembled M-16 auto-sear. Refer to drawing (□}, NOTE Make sure the auto-sear moves freely on its pin and doesn't drag on the receiver walls. Step 4 Assemble the trigger, trigger spring, disconnector and disconnector spring outside the receiver using a short 1/8 inch slave pin to hold the parts together. Jtep 5 Install the trigger/disconnector assembly in the receiver. You may need to move the selector from the full-auto to the semi-auto position, and jiggle things a bit to get the trigger/disconnector to slide in place with its tail under the selector switch. When it's all lined up. install the trigger pin from left to right, driving the slave pin out of the receiver. NOTE The legs of the trigger spring should be pointed to the front of the receiver and resting on the bottom.

Step 6 Install the M-1B hammer and hammer spring. The legs of the hammer spring point to the rear of the receiver and rest on the coils of the trigger spring when it's installed correctly. The trigger pin goes in from the left to the right.

Auto Bolt Carrier

M-16 hammer with spring installed correctly.

Disconnector Spring InstallationM16 Automatic Lower Receiver

M-16 trigger with spring installed correctly. The disconnector spring fits into the trigger with he large end down.


Disconnector Spring Install

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