Removing Handguards

Pulling Handguards Off Ar15

1. Right hand guard

2. Left hand guard

3. Charging handle <1. Swivel roll pin 5. Front swivel

B. Slip ring

Removing the handguards will not be necessary unless you intend to shorten the barrel. If you want tnem off pull back on the large slip ring at the front of the upper receiver to release them. Remove one side at a time.

Upper Receiver DrawingLeft Remove


After removing the upper receiver and barrel assembly, disassemble the lower receiver. The hammer and trigger/disconnector pin3 come out from the right to the left. Remove the hammer first, then the trigger/disconnector. The selector comes out fram the right tD the left. Td remove, place it half way between the safe and the fire positions. Use a 1/B inch punch and knock it straight out of the receiver from the right side.

The selector detent plunger and spring 8re removed from the receiver by taking off the pistol grip.

You will most likely not need to disassemble the lower receiver any further.


M16 Hammer Drawing

Looking straight down at the top of the lower receiver compare it with drawing [A). The shaded >art on the drawing shows the metal that must be removed to make room for the M-16 auto-sear.

Drawing (B) indicates the metal removed From the left hand side of the lower receiver must jb cut out to a depth of .950. Drawing [C) shows the milling cut on the right side of the lower receiver to be only .M50 deep.

NOTE If. like most people, you don't have access to a milling machine, the work can be done using a dremeltm tool, by hand, with a rotary file. (Grinding will work but it would take forever because the aluminum cuttings will load up the stone and it won't cut.)

The next step is to drill the hole for the M-16 auto-sear pin. Refer to drawing (B). This hole drilled all the way through both sides of the lower receiver. This is best done with a drill press as the hole must be a true 90 degrees from the walls of the receiver.

Barrel Extinsion Dwg

hammer selector

How Draw M16Shortened M16a1 Handguards




bolt carrier hammer selector

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