Pennsylvania Carbine

Pennsylvania Carbine

Compact version of the Kentucky and Pennsylvania full length stock rifle. Light and handy due to its shortness. Its 610 mm octagonal barrel is full 22 mm across the flats and held in place by two wedges. The full-length, one-piece stock with cheek piece is ornamented by solid brass, inletted furniture and decorations in the manner of the 19th century gunsmiths. Double-set triggers touch off the V-type mainspring action for fast, accurate handling on the range or in the brush. In your choice of...

Davy Crockett Pistol

Muzzleloader Octogonal Pistol

The brother to the Davy Crockett Rifle. This authentic pistol is extremely accurate in .32 caliber. With the 250 mm blued octagonal barrel and sleek grip and forend design, Davy Crockett would be proud to own this pistol. Brass hardware and a single trigger. Junto al ri e Davy Crockett forman la pareja perfecta y con su calibre .32 esta pistola es extremadamente precisa. Pavonada, con 250 mm de ca n octogonal, elegante dise o de la empu adura y delantera, guardamontes de Lat n y disparador...

Pennsylvania Rifle

Black Powder Pennsylvania

This historically accurate rifle, holder of the enviable status of authentic for reenactment use from the American Revolutionary Brigade, replicates the finest features of the classic long rifles. Full length gun from the great American plains. It was also used for hunting of small game at great distances. In percussion and flintlock versions, it features a full-length walnut stock with cheek piece, as well as solid brass patch box, stock inlay ornamentation and toe plate. Double-set triggers....

Derringer Philadelphia Pistol

Ardesa Philadelphia

This pistol, originally made by Derringer, became sadly famous when it was used by John Wilkes Booth to assassinate President Lincoln. Made in percussion only. Also available as an easy-to-build kit. Esta pistola, originalmente fabricada por Derringer, lleg a ser tristemente famosa cuando John Wilkes Booth la utiliz para asesinar al presidente Lincoln. Fabricada s lo en percusi n. Tambi n disponible en kit de f cil montaje. Easy-to-build kit Kit de f cil montaje

Wparker Of London Pistol

William Parker London

A faithful replica of the English duelling pistol made by William Parker of London. This exquisite .45 caliber percussion amp flintlock pistol features a hooked breech, engraved lock plate, polished steel barrel, checkered walnut stock with brass inlays, and double-set trigger. R plica de la pistola de duelo inglesa fabricada por William Parker de Londres. Esta pistola en calibre 45 percusi n y pedernal, pletina grabada. Ca n en acero pulido, con culata de nogal picada con incrustaciones de lat...

Wparker Match Pistol

Ardesa London

This target pistol features an adjustable trigger and walnut stock with fine checkering. It is made in .45 caliber, percussion and flintlock, dovetail rear sight and blade front sight. Pistola de competici n que incorpora un disparador de pelo ajustable, culata de nogal con un fino picado y ca n de acero pulido. Fabricada en calibre. 45 de percusi n y pedernal, alza fija y punto de mira de hoja. MSjqft . zT-v H

Davy Crockett Rifle

Ardesa Davy Crockett Rifle

Sleek overall, this long lean rifle personifies all the positive features of a long rifle while at the same time gives you ease of carrying and quick shouldering. A one piece beech wood walnut finish stock. Offered in .32 caliber percussion only with a fixed tang breech for ease of take-down. This is truly a most unique, stylish small game and shooting rifle. Este rifle incluye todas las caracter sticas de un rifle largo al mismo tiempo que es f cil de manejar y cargar. Culata de una pieza en...

Pioneer Pistol

Easiest Black Powder Pistol

The classic styling of pre-Revolutionary arms, yet with the benefits of percussion ignition. Its octagonal barrel with fixed tang, blackened hardware and German silver furniture make this a distinctive shooter or display piece. Also available as an easy-to-build kit. Cl sico estilo de las armas pre-revolucionarias, especialmente dise ada para la iniciaci n en el tiro de precisi n con avancarga. Con un ligero ca n octogonal e incrustaciones de alpaca en la culata de madera de Haya, hacen de ella...

Hawken Woodsman Rifle

Classic Double Trigger Gun Powder Rifles

Traditional shooting rifle with ladder type rear sight and Patch box . Made in .45 calibers, percussion amp flintlock, beech amp laminated wood stock double-set triggers, Buckhorn rear sight and beaded front sight. Also available as an easy-to-build kit. Rifle tradicional de tiro con alza Buckhorn de escalera y pistonera de lat n. Disponible en calibre .45 percusi n y pedernal con culata en Haya madera laminada, disparador doble regulable al pelo y punto de mira de acero. Tambi n disponible en...

Deerhunter Rifle

Ardesa Deerhunter Kal

A tremendously practical, manageable gun, made in .32 and .45 caliber percussion and flintlock. Beech wood or synthetic stock, single trigger, dovetail rear sight and blade front sight. Left-Handed Deerhunter percussion and flintlock available and also as an easy-to-build kit. Arma tremendamente pr ctica y manejable, disponible en calibres .32 y .45, percusi n y pedernal. Culatas de madera de Haya o sint tica, disparador sencillo, alza fija y punto de mira de hoja. Tambi n disponible en kit de...

Kentucky Pistol

Flinte Epoca

This pistol was the classical American pistol during the war of Independence and of the western pioneers. From the bird's head grip to its fixed tang to its brass ramrod thimbles and colour casehardened side lock. This is truly a pistol to please the black powder shooter and collector, alike. Also available as an easy-to-build kit. Fue la cl sica pistola Americana durante la guerra de Independencia y en la poca de los pioneros del oeste. Culata de Haya, puntera de lat n y llave de percusi n o...

Derringer Vestpocket Pistol

Ardesa Buck Hunter

Easy-to-build kit Kit de f cil montaje A favourite gun of professional gamblers due to its small size, which made it easy to hide and highly efficient as a weapon. Made of brass with synthetic white handles. Made in .31 caliber spur trigger brass front sight. Fue el arma favorita de los jugadores profesionales por su f cil ocultaci n y manejo. Estas caracter sticas hac an de las Vest Pocket un arma terriblemente eficaz. Fabricada en calibre .31 con cachas sint ticas blancas, disparador sencillo...

Cannons Caones

Ardesa Old Ironside

ARDESA introduces an elegant collection of miniature period artillery cannons built to different scales. The standard line features natural coloured varnished wood and white fittings, the De Luxe line features black lacquered wood and gold plated fittings and the Rustic Line features black painted barrel. ARDESA presenta una elegante colecci n de Ca ones de Artiller a de poca en miniatura, construidos a diferentes escalas. La l nea standard presenta madera con barniz en color natural y herrajes...

Kentucky Rifle

Ardesa Hawken Match Creedmoor

Typical rifle of the trappers amp hunters of the great American colonies. A slender and efficient gun. The octagonal barrel is rifled 1 in 1.660 mm for patched-balls loads. The long sighting plane between the blade front sight and fixed notch rear sight adds precision shooting accuracy. The colour case-hardened lock features a V-type mainspring for fast lock time. The full-length two-piece stock of walnut-finished select hardwood is accented by solid brass furniture. Also available as an...

Europe Pistol

Black Powder Ardesa Pionier

This duelling pistol was widely used in the second half of the 19th century. It has a fluted barrel, walnut tapered stock, adjustable trigger, adjustable rear sight blade front sight. Only available in percussion .45 caliber. As an option this pistol can be provided with elegant wooden cases specially designed for one or two pistols. Pistola de duelo muy utilizada durante la segunda mitad del siglo XIX. Incorpora ca n acanalado, culata de Nogal bellamente tallada, disparador de pelo ajustahle,...

Buckskinner Carabine

Ardesa Buck Hunter

The incomparable Buckskinner Carbines have inspired a whole family of performance-oriented muzzleloaders. Rifle with pistolet. An easy gun to handle and level. Made in 45 caliber, percussion amp flintlock, Beech wood stock, single trigger, hunting style rear sight, beaded front sight y drilled and tapped for scope mounting. Las carabinas Buckskinner han inspirado una familia entera de ri es de avancarga. Esta versi n con pistolet es un arma de f cil manejo y encare. Disponible en calibre .45,...

Accesories Accesorios

Real Flintlock Shotgun

Locks, Nipples, etc. - Llaves, Chimeneas, etc. Percussion Lock - Llave de Percusi n 20203 Kentucky 20603 Pennsylvania, Shenandoah, Patriot, Ranger 20803 Hawken, H. Woodsman, H. Challenger Flintlock - Llave de Pedernal 20703 Hawken, H. Woodsman 23503 Pennsylvania, Shenandoah, Patriot 45903 Kentucky Also available for left hand Disponible para zurdos Flask cup - Dedal 11439L Parker of London 12439A Parker Match English Flints - Pedernales 024-FL00 1 2 English flint 024-FL01 5 8 English flint...

Lightning Boltaction Rifle

Lightning Bolt Action Rifles Ardesa

A new concept in muzzle-loaders, incorporating a bolt system, which can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. Fully adjustable rear sight, bead front sight and drilled and taped for scope mounts and fully adjustable single trigger. Available in Beech wood or synthetic stock.

Buckhunter Pro Inline Rifle

Hawken Rifle

A powerful rifle of modern design for big game. This rifle features a double lock safety system fully adjustable rear sight, bead front sight and drilled and taped for scope mounts and fully adjustable single trigger. A special tool is included with each rifle for easy disassembly and cleaning. Stock available in Beech wood or composite. Potente ri e de dise o moderno, ideal para caza mayor. Incorporan doble seguro, alza gra-duahle con preinstalaci n para mira telesc pica. Se desmonta f...

Blunderbuss Trabucos

Hawken Black Powder Rifle

The blunderbuss was to the 18th century what the machine gun was to the 19th, a solid weapon that could shoot multiple projectiles from a single barrel. With its wide mouth for an even dispersal of the shot, it was an impressive weapon well suited to guarding gates, stairways or streets. It could be reloaded quickly and easily even while running. The blunderbuss became an indispensable weapon for travellers at a time when the highways were alive with bandits. It is now used only in village...

Shenandoah Rifle

Pics Cal Flintlock

High quality version Kentucky's rifle , it features de luxe details. The full-length Beech wood stock in walnut finish is accented by the solid brass curved butt plate, inletted patch box, nose cap, thimbles, trigger guard and highly decorative furniture. It is made in 45 caliber percussion and flintlock, double trigger, buckhorn rear sight and blade front sight. Versi n de lujo del rifle Kentucky que incorpora acabados de lujo. Su cuidada terminaci n hacen de este rifle un arma muy atractiva....

Buckhunter Pistol

Ardesa Buckhunter Cal

Designed with the blackpowder hunter and target shooter in mind, these Buckhunter In-Line Pistols come in your choice of traditional blued finish with walnut stocks or the weather-shrugging satin-finish Chrome-Nickel with All-Weather finish hardwood stock in .45 and .50 caliber percussion. A 14 _ fluted satin-finish Chrome-Nickel barrel model with a recoil reducing muzzle brake is available. All models feature thumb safety removable stainless steel breech plug for easy cleaning simple one...