Placing Rifle Into Action

To place the weapon into action, the squad leader commands ACTION, and designates by pointing the direction of fire and the general area of the rifle position. He places himself on the flank in a position from which he can observe and control the fire. At the command ACTION, the crew moves rapidly to the position indicated. Where necessary, the squad leader may also indicate the type of position to be taken by No. 1 (prone, sitting).

a. No. 1 selects the exact spot and assumes the firing position from which he can best accomplish his mission. He lays the rifle on the target, places his right hand on the trigger grip, and awaits a report that the rifle is ready to fire. He fires as directed by the squad leader.

b. No. 2 assists No. 1 in placing the rifle in action by holding the rifle while the gunner places his body in position or while the gunner adjusts the bipod. He opens the breech. He inserts the cartridge into the chamber and seats it firmly. He then closes and locks the breech and inspects the backb ast area to see that it is clear. If it is clear, he rotates the safety arm to the fire position, taps the gunner, and calls UP to indicate that the rifle is ready to fire.

c. No. 3 takes a position on the right flank from which he can readily bring up ammunition and from which he can provide security for the position.

d. After firing, the loader opens the breech with his right hand and ejects the expended cartridge case.

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