Purpose and Scope

a. This manual provides information for training Dersonnel to operate the 90mm recoilless rifle M67. It includes mechanical training, fire control instruments, spare parts and equipment, maintenance, ammunition and fuzes, crew drill, marksmanship, technique of fire, and advice to instructors concerning the weapon. The material presented herein is applicable to nuclear and nonnuclear warfare.

b. For information pertaining to detailed disassembly and assembly, refer to TM 9-1015-223-12.

c. Doctrine in FM 7-11 on the tactical employment of the platoon antitank weapon applies to the 90mm rifle, M67.

d. Users of this manual are encouraged to submit recommended changes or comments to improve the manual. Comments should be keyed to the specific page, paragraph, and line of the text in which the change is recommended. Reasons should be provided for each comment to insure un demanding and complete evaluation. Comment should be forwarded direct to the Commandant, United States Army Infantry School, Fort Ben-ning, Ga., 31905.

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