Yp 251b Heat Projectile

Type Classification:

Std AMCTC 4265 dtd 1966.


This cartridge is used in 90mm recoilless rifles and is intended primarily for defeat of armor. There is also some limited effectiveness against fixed targets and personnel through blast and fragmentation.


The cartridge consists of an aluminum cartridge case and a steel projectile containing a shaped charge of high explosive. A percussion primer with a black powder ignition cartridge is assembled to the base of the round. A rupture disk is held in place in the base of the cartridge case by the primer. The propelling charge is contained in a bag installed around the fin assembly which contains the primer ignition cartridge. The projectile has a stand-off spike, containing a piezoelectric element and a paper insulating cup, which is threaded to the body.

An internal copper cone shapes the charge. The point initiating, base detonating fuze is contained in an adapter threaded to the base. The adapter is threaded to the fin assembly. The fins provide in-flight stability.


The primer ignites the propelling charge when struck by the firing pin of the weapon. The burning propellant generates rapidly expanding gases to propel the projectile out of the barrel and to the required velocity. Recoil is minimized by blowout of the rupture disk and controlled pressure relief through apertures in the breech-block. The rojectile is stabilized in flight by the tail fins. On impact, crushing of the piezoelectric unit triggers the fuze. The standoff spike provides the optimum distance from the target surface for explosion of the shaped charge. The detonation collapses the copper cone and creates a focussed, high velocity shock wave. The intensity of the shock wave causes failure of the target armor, and a jet of metal particles penetrates the interior.

Tabulated Data:

Complete round:


Weight with fuze 9.251b

Length 27.78 in.

Cannon used with M67


Body mater.al Steel and aluminum


Old mfg. Olive drab w/yellow markings

New mfg Black w/yellow markings

Filler and weight Comp B, 1.72


Cartridge case Ml 12

Propelling charge M82


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