106mm Recoilless Rifle

M344 106mm

Type Classification:

Std OTCM 3711959 dtd 1958.


This cartridge is used in 106mm recoilless rifles against armored targets.


The cartridge consists of a perforated, plastic-lined steel cartridge case crimped to a steel projectile containing a shaped charge. The nose cone adapter of the projectile carries a cap with a piezoelectric element to initiate the PIBD fuze in the base. A copper cone within the projectile shapes the charge. The hollow space within the cone and the adapter provides the appropriate standoff distance between target and shaped charge. An aluminum chamber threaded to the base of the projectile supports the fuze, six folding fins, and a piston assembly for opening the fins, The cartridge case is loosely filled with propellant, and the base is fitted with a percussion primer. The ignition tube of the primer extends through the propelling charge,


The primer ignites the propelling charge when struck by the firing pin. The burning propellant generates rapidly expanding gases to propel the projectile through the barrel and to the target. Recoil is eliminated by controlled escape of propellant gases to the rear through openings in the breech-block. Gas pressure also builds up in the piston in the projectile base. When the projectile leaves the muzzle, the piston moves rearward to extend the fins for stability in flight. On impact, distortion of the piezoelectric element generates an electrical charge and initiates fuze functioning to detonate the projectile, Explosion of the shaped charge collapses the copper cone and focuses a high velocity shock wave and a jet of metal particles that penetrates the target,

Difference Between Models:

M344 has a propelling charge of 8.1 lb M1O, and the design of the projectile charge-shaping cone is different from M344A1,

Tabulated Data:

Complete round:


Weight 37.231b

Lenght 39.31 in.

Cannon used with M40A1,

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    Does us special forces still use 106mm recoilless rifles?
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