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The M232 propelling charge is the Modular Artillery Charge System (MACS) high-zone charge used with 155mm field artillery cannon systems. The charge has been optimized for use in the Crusader Field Artillery System but is compatible with all 155mm 39 caliber tube length systems in the US inventory. Zoning is accomplished through the addition of increments. No less than three or more than five M232 increments may be used in a single shot in a 39 caliber length tube.


The M232 propelling charge is comprised of a tan-colored, coated, nitrocellulose-based combustible case with black markings. Each end has four raised 1/8-inch bumps. Contained within the case is solid, granulated M30A1 propellant. A center-core ignition system containing both black and ball powders ensures rapid, controlled ignition under all temperature and pressure regimes. Additives are also included to reduce coppering, tube-wear, flash, and blast-overpressure. The end ignitor bags are sealed behind red seals. The charge is bi directional, it can be loaded and initiated with either end forward. Five M232 increments are packaged within a tan-colored extraction sleeve. There is one extraction sleeve per tan-colored PA103E2 ammunition can.


The flash from the black powder in the percussion primer M82 or energy deposited by a suitable laser device ignites the black powder in the end igniter bag. The burning end bag then ignites the ball powder in the center core, that in turn ignites the main charge propel-lant, and the process repeats itself for subsequent increments. The rapidly expanding gases from the burning charge propel the projectile through the barrel of the cannon with the proper velocity to reach the target.

Tabulated Data:

Propelling Charge: M232

Type-------------------------------- Combustible Case

Separate Loading

Color ------------------------------- Tan w/black markings

Cannon used with---------------- M199 (M198 System); M185 (M109A1, A2, A3 Systems); M284 (M109A4, A5, A6 Systems); XM776 (XM777 System); XM297 (XM2001 Crusader System)

Propellant: M30A1----------------------------- 4.95 lb

Propelling charge container: PA103E2

Weight----------------------------------------------------------21 lb


Width--------------------------------------------------------------7.49 in.

Height------------------------------------------------------------7.49 in.

Cube----------------------------------------------------------------1.23 cu ft

Shipping and Storage Data:

Quantity-distance class--------------------------1.3

DOT shipping class----------------------------------B

DOT designation----------------------------------------Propellant Explosive Solid - Class B

+1 -1

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